620 G Street (inside the Davis Food Co-op)
8 am - 6pm

Mermaid Sushi operates a take-out service within the Davis Food Co-op with a Burmese sushi chef available to prepare custom platters! Several lunch-size combination platters are already prepared and ready to go in a refrigerated case, or customers can either order by phone or on the spot from the short take-out menu. Custom platters are also available, but it's suggested you phone such requests in advance.

Prices are fairly reasonable for ready-made sushi, and not overly dry, as is sometimes the case with refrigerated sushi. The six-piece Mermaid's Friends nigiri sushi combination included ebi (shrimp), hamachi (yellowtail), two pieces of tuna, salmon, and barbecued eel for $7.50; chopsticks, wasabi, pickled ginger, and a soy sauce packet are included. The fish itself was tender and the sushi prepared well.

Mermaid Sushi is headquartered in Santa Rosa, and operates a team of experienced sushi chefs who provide fresh, daily made, ready-to-go sushi to grocery stores and supermarkets throughout the United States.

To find out what other sushi can be found in Davis, check out our Restaurants page.

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2006-01-28 09:25:21   it this any good? my experience with store bought sushi is: No —ApolloStumpy

2006-01-28 09:39:11   I've been happy with all of the selections that I've tried. It is made fresh right there, so it may not be like other store sushi that you have tried. —JasonAller

2006-01-28 09:51:06   In my experience, the only downside to this stuff is the fact that I've had each of their standard offerrings so often that I'm a little tired of them. Definitely high quality for the price. —GrahamFreeman

2006-09-06 19:13:07   i love this place, best take out sushi from a grocery store i've had! —MichelleAccurso

2006-09-07 19:29:34   They've started doing brown rice sushi, too... —EmmaCoats

2007-07-16 14:00:21   I just had some of their nigiri sushi (salmon+eel) and it was pretty good. Slightly pricy, but I think you get what you pay for ($7.99 gave me 3 LARGE peices of salmon and eel each). The fish tasted very good and I'd definitely get it again. —RohiniJasavala

2008-03-20 17:24:33   Does anyone know where I can buy sushi grade fish for making my own sushi?? —dorkboy42

From East to West: Seafood City, Oto's Marketplace, Fins Market & Grill, Tokyo Fish Market. Seafood City and Fins Market & Grill don't seem to be particularly Japanese places though, so they may not be as good as the others for this. —NickSchmalenberger

2012-01-13 21:28:22   Got some sushi takeout today. Heard about Mermaid Sushi from a couple of friends who recommended, so I went and ordered a Rainbow Roll and a Cali Roll (for the wife). The owner was very polite and knowledgeable with regards to his fish. I was impressed by his desire to offer fish from sustainable sources, even taking down some items from the menu because it was on the endangered list. Real crab in the cali rolls and the salmon and tuna on the Rainbow roll was delicious! —SteveWong

2012-05-09 13:24:42   Amazing sushi, amazing owner who cares about this planet! —mm