There are several metal and wood shops in Davis, on campus and off:

Open to the Public

  • The Craft Center has both types of shops and welding, prices vary by resources used.

Students Only

  • The Art Building has both a wood shop and a metal shop. I believe that it is technically reserved for UCD art students that are taking an art class, most commonly a sculpture class. They have many hand tools and also a big sander, grinder, bandsaw (big one and small one), table saw (with auto-stop function if you slip your hand onto the blade on accident), radial arm saw, and a few others that are broken. The metal shop (which is outdoors but covered) has a lot of hulking machines and I don't know what they do. You can weld here. Gilbert is the shop-tech as of 2008, and there are several volunteer monitors that come in at assorted hours throughout the week to make the shop available to more people.
  • Roessler Hall has both a metal and wood shop. They offer a machine shop engineering class here.
  • Walker Hall should have a shop, if the Design Department wants to hold the "design" title, but I don't believe it does. The Furniture Design room (TB-102, next to Walker) probably has some kind of tools, though I'm not sure what they have and it seems very closed off to non Design 135B (Furniture Design) - takers.
  • Davis Senior High School has a metal shop.
  • Holmes Junior High School has a metal shop and a wood shop.
  • Emerson Junior High School has a wood shop.

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