Methamphetamine is an illegal drug present in Yolo County and Davis.

If you are thinking about moving into a new house or apartment, please feel free to check out the database of meth busts. Addresses of Meth Busts (L stands for Drug Lab. A stands for Abandoned Drug Lab Waste. M stands for mobile lab.)

When you move into a house or apartment that used to be a meth house, it is often reported that people show up and knock on the doors at all hours of the night and day asking to buy meth. Some of these people may be armed and also expect you to be armed as well.

California has a very dangerous standard for meth residue. After a meth house has been cleaned, California allows a dangerously high level of meth residue to still remain.


  • The California Aggie ran an article on 2007-05-11 about Yolo County getting a grant for $1.5 million to fight Meth.

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