Meyer Hall rests on the southern edge of campus along La Rue Rd. and consists of two separate structures connected by bridges (for lack of a better word) on the upper floors. The south building houses offices, while the north building contains labs; the two are connected by gigantic white canopies that soar above a courtyard. As such the building resembles a pirate sailing ship. Arg! Meyer Hall was named for James H. Meyer, a faculty member and department chair who went on to become dean of the College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences and later served as UC Davis chancellor for eighteen years.

Meyer Hall houses the Nutrition, Animal Science, Environmental Toxicology, and Avian Sciences departments, as well as several offices with interesting names. These include the Office of Pesticide Information and Coordination (OPIC), Western Region and California Pest Management Center (WRPMC), Center for Animal Welfare, and Center for Environmental Health Science. Meyer Hall also contains a media lab the Media Distribution Lab. The media lab has flatbed scanners, negative/slide film scanners, various other media related hardware items and a bunch of expensive software.

On the third floor of the south building is the Gary Moberg Memorial Patio.

The Meyer Media Lab in 1154 Meyer was permanently closed in Summer 2011. 1131 Meyer is still an open lab when it is not being used as a classroom.


Gary Moberg Memorial Patio A view from the west