Michael Leahy was a major player in the Davis music scene. He is the host of the KDVS show Cool as Folk and the founder of Crossbill Records. From mid-2004 to 2006, Michael was in charge of booking shows at the Delta of Venus. Every Thursday and Friday night he brought 2-3 (primarily folk/Americana-oriented) acts to the Delta, prompting SN&R to name it the "Best place to rediscover Sacramento's Americana scene."1 His last regular show at the Delta was on November 2, 2006, which featured all the artists on Crossbill Records and then some. Michael is still hosting a couple shows a week at Sophia's Thai Kitchen from April-October among other events in Davis. The Cool As Folk show has been on the air for over 5 years and has featured more than 300 live performances.

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