Microwaves (unless you're talking about ovens... then look below) are high frequency electromagnetic waves in the 1 GHz to 1 THz (1000 GHz), or roughly 300mm (30cm) to 300µm (0.3mm), range. The microwave radio band is used for communications (cell phones, satellite, WiFi, microwave relay), cooking (microwave ovens), radar (weather, military), astronomy, medical applications (diathermy), manufacturing, and other uses. Newer cordless phones, WiFi, and microwave ovens share the same microwave band at approximately 2.4GHz, and can thus interfere with each other. The one military radar installation has been shut down, so that leaves communications and cooking in Davis. Talk and eat - kind of like the patios at Chipotle and Sudwerk.

Microwave communication towers need near line of sight (NLOS), so in a flat location like Davis, they are located around the edges of the city. Inside the city, they tend to be part of Cell Phone Towers.

Photo request: microwave towers off 80 east and west of town.


Looking for a place to make your food hot again? You might be interested in how to do some microwave cooking, as well.

You can buy microwaves at most big box stores (Target and Walmart). ACE Hardware has microwaves as well in their building south of 3rd Street.

Public microwave ovens

  • Campus
    • Memorial Union — Two along the eastern corridor, first floor, near STA Travel
    • Coffee House — One by the south entrance next to the newspaper racks. Two more by the west entrance.
    • CSIF Support in room 47 of Kemper Hall (in basement) — I wouldn't call CSIF Support's microwave "public", but we're generally happy to let you use it, just ask first. You'd be surprised how many rude individuals just run in and help themselves to whatever is in the room... - Elvin
    • Vet Med Teaching Hospital — By the vending machines on the first floor, near the L.A. reception area. Another one is upstairs near medical records.
    • Academic Surge — Second floor, in the copy room/lounge
    • Life Sciences Laboratory Building - First floor next to BioBrew and Third floor.
    • Tupper Hall
    • Scrubs - by the vending machines.
  • Off-campus ??