Mike Harrington in May 2006.

Mike Harrington
(530) 759-8440

Mike Harrington, Davis aviation and marine attorney, is a former Davis City Council member who served from 2000-04-20 to 2004-03-23. He is also a member of the Democratic Party and "dabbles" in real estate; he purchased the Turtle House in late 2005 and invests in infill sites around Davis. He was also crucial in the passage of the Open Container Ordinance.

Mike Harrington, along with Pam Nieberg and others, spearheaded an effort to qualify a referendum that would put a moratorium on the water rate hike ordinance approved in September 2011 by the City Council. Residents could pick up petition sheets at his downtown Davis offices.

Political Positions/Connections

  • Supports preservation of ag land with moderated growth. Stated, "We must find ways to accommodate limited urban growth in Davis that is both more dense and livable." (source)
  • Opposed Covell Village
  • Supports and encourages new-technology-related business' in Davis, proposing for development such sites as the former Hunt-Wesson site and commercially zoned areas of Mace Ranch. (source)
  • Supported Measure O: a successful $24/dwelling unit annual tax in 2000 which will, at the end of 30 years, have raised $17.5 million dollars for the acquisition of open space within the Davis planning area. (source)
  • Julie Partansky was treasurer for the failed Mike Harrington for 2004 Davis City Council
  • Supports Choice Voting (source)
  • Opposed construction of a biolab on campus in 2003 (source)
  • Opposed Toad Hollow Dog Park
  • Supported the cancellation of the lease and eviction of the Davis Boy Scouts from the Davis Boy Scout Cabin, which resides on City property, due to the organization's policy regarding sexual orientation. Opposed having the City of Davis send a second letter in 2003 to the Boy Scouts of America recommending the organization change its policy regarding sexual orientation


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