UC Davis campus, at tables between the Quad and Memorial Union
2008 March 18-21, 11:00am-2:00pm
(and all future finals weeks)
(415) 250 7305 Nicholas Barry
Nicholas Barry
Executive Director
Rosstin Murphy

If you've ever seen impertinent but friendly students sitting at tables in between the Quad and MU, yelling at passersby about free milk and cookies, you've probably seen Nicholas Barry (the founder) and his band of merry men and women. Every finals session they set up with tasty cookies, brownies, and muffins, along with a generous serving of milk (in a Dixie cup). Everything is free. Although many insist they are slightly insane, they maintain that they are doing it for "goodwill," "happiness," and "stress relief." (In a rare moment of honesty, Nicholas admitted that since Al Gore won the Nobel Peace Prize for raising awareness about global warming, surely Nicholas could win for giving out free milk and cookies.) Whatever their motives, many students welcome the free snacks, even if they don't actually result in the 15% increase in finals' grades that their purveyors guarantee.

If you want to catch a bite, you'll find it between 11:00am and 2:00pm on a day with finals. The group used to set up a table from 10:00 to 2:00, but found that the traffic was too low to justify it. Sometimes if you come too late, the cookies might be already gone!

You can often find vegan options here in the form of vegan cookies and soy milk.

Its should also be noted that while milk and cookies is doing this for free, giving us cool stickers is awesome and scores super extra finals karma. Not required, but who doesn't love giving someone stickers anyway. Bring some stickers!

The group loves people to partake in their snacks, but they are also looking out for helpers of all kinds. Nicholas has asked that you contact him (415 250 7305, or nicholas@barryscientific.com) if you want to help. Usually helpers are asked to help attend a table, bring cookies or milk, or help put together a poster.

Recently (as of January 2008), the group evolved a bit. The most active members felt that one activity a quarter wasn't quite enough fun for them. Also, they had the sneaking suspicion that everyone else forgot about the group's existence during the intervening period, and all the group's expensive ad campaigns would have to be created anew each quarter. So the group decided to host weekly events, collectively called Wild Weekly, such as pillow fights, free hugs, scavenger hunts and costume days. Event information is frequently posted on the facebook group (linked above, in the contact information), and sometimes makes it onto the Davis Wiki events page (when the M+C crowd are feeling particularly organized). Although most of the events take place on the UC Davis campus, the sources close to the higher-ups in the organization assure us that all are welcome, and perhaps even encouraged, to participate.

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2008-03-14 19:26:36   This a front for a christian group? Anyone know? —ChristopherMckenzie

2008-03-14 19:28:17   Everything that isn't a front for ASUCD are fronts for Christian groups. —JoseBleckman

2008-03-14 20:49:27   I'll confirm not a front. I posted them in the featured page but not officially involved. I've just been to other stuff they've done and its just people having fun. I thought they deserved some attention. As for myself, I haven't been to church since I was six. —jefftolentino

2008-03-17 22:47:16   I know there are 2nd and 3rd degree connections to the CA House, but I do not believe there is any direct connection between this group and a Christian org. —MaxMikalonis

2008-03-19 23:05:00   I still have yet to get some cookies and milk this quarter. I'll be needing a hug, so tomorrow for sure I'll venture out of my basement office for some deliciousness. —ChristyMarsden