Milo is the resident cat at B&L Bike Shop downtown. Some have rumored that he owns the shop, these rumors have neither been confirmed or denied.

He is often found begging for food nearby at Zia's Delicatessan. Some might think that his begging presents a nuisance, but patrons have said that Milo's presence has been a blessing -- distracting them from the mundane nature of their social interactions. Milo has a deep seated hatred of small dogs, love for cream cheese with lox, ambivalence towards people who can resist his adorable form of extortion, and enjoys napping on bike shop paperwork. Possibly he is a ventriloquist or he has a sidekick hidden somewhere on B&L's premises.

He was rescued from a construction site as an adult cat and has lived at B&L for almost a decade. His exact age is not known. He may in fact be a Lovecraftian horror that hides its true shape as that of a typical American feline, but that may just be a delusion held by his cowled servitors.