Since 1997, Mindy Manville has taught music classes to thousands of youngsters between the ages of 1-12. She began her Manville Mini-Musicals programs and Teenie Choirs at the Davis Art Center, but has since moved rehearsals and performances to the Veteran's Memorial Center Theatre and Lisa Applegate Studios.  In 2016, she marked 20 years of providing musical programs and piano lessons to children in the area.  Manville continues to offer curriculum based, original musical programs in local elementary schools, including 18 years of annual productions of  'California Alive' at Patwin Elementary, and long running music programs at North Davis Elementary, thanks largely to financial support from Parent Teacher Associations and the Davis School Arts Foundation.

Manville also teaches piano lessons after school and during summers on weekday afternoons.  Contact at

Manville received the Harmony in Our Lives Award sponsored by the West Valley Chorale in 2009 for her musical work with children.


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