These are reviews of Mishka's Cafe from 2005. For more current reviews, visit the entry.

2005-03-18 16:01:22   I'm thinking that Mishka's is no longer a place to just study, but to study, see, and be seen. Perhaps that was already obvious to most people. I don't mind so much, but it is just a tad annoying to feel like I'm caught in the middle of a "scene". —Savvy/AnnieSirrah

2005-03-18 16:05:43   True, there are different places for different scenesters.....whatd you didn't know? Now that Mishka's has been outted as a scenester place I am sure it will lose its sceneters and resume normal function —JimSchwab

2005-04-10 13:22:31   I feel that Mishka's has the most quality coffee in town... —ElliotJorgensen

  • Have you tried Common Grounds? I recently switched to this shop because they can do a soy white chocolate mocha better than Mishka's. They also carry the same truffles and macaroons. -KarlMogel

Good raspberry sorbet.....I need to try their drinks. —CynthiaHe

2005-09-14 18:47:47   who are the major hotties who work there? —ApolloStumpy

  • You should ask them to find out. I'm sure they've never minded chatting with customers before. Well, at long as said customers were also equally at h0t. Oh and it really helps if they remember you as a good tipper and not "that stingy bastard" but you probably already knew that. —not an employee
  • working there since April, i am nearly immune to the number of creeps asking our names (and more personal info) on a constant basis. as long as you don't appear to dive down my shirt (leaning over the counter learing and forming a pool of drool), i will probably give you the fuck off attitude you deserve. this includes truly sexual comments that aren't appreciated (and my gift of a drawing of a naked woman on a cup....thanks!!!!). however, there are classy ways to flirt. please do your homework, boys. and as previously mentioned, tipping is always remembered! —MichelleCheney
    • But those tricks always work with the Starbucks chicks...I thought selling fair trade coffee would make you the free-love type. - AS

2005-09-18 16:02:33   It's too hot in there :( Most snow-lovers will probably prefer starbucks. —MichaelGiardina

2005-09-18 20:31:46   the chairs there make my musical heart happy —MichelleAccurso

2005-10-16 23:46:23   Don't know what made this guy catch my eye... it must have been that I was waiting for a prime seat. So anyway, I'm sitting there at my computer, eyeing the seats along the wall, and I see this guy get up. Perhaps a seat near a plug is soon to be available? No... the guy is reaching into his backpack. He's pulling out a magazine. Perhaps he's going to read outside, catch some sun for a moment? No...he has grabbed the key to the bathroom off the hook near the register. WAIT! He isn't... he isn't....yup he is and he DID! I kid you NOT!!! This guy actually took his magazine, and the bathroom key to the restroom!!! Oh come on! I know we shouldn't live in pain and get constipated, but a magazine?!?!? No wonder why I don't use the shit smear stained restrooms at Mishka's, as long as I can help it. People think it's their own personal restroom. By the way, I timed this guy for curiosity's sake. 10 Minutes!! Again, I am NOT making this up! —AnnieSirrah

2005-10-16 23:51:41   Took my folks there today. They said the coffee was very good. My roommate rather enjoyed the Kahlua Chocolate Cake. —EmilyTung

2005-11-04 18:41:27   Quick note about the flavour of the coffee (from an employee): It's not watered down. The flavour isn't as strong as some places because we don't over-roast the beans. Certain chains think "burnt" equals "distinctive" and so burnt has become the standard flavour of American coffee. You're free to choose which you prefer, but I promise we ain't ripping you off. —LiamCreighton

  • Back home, my mom makes the *strongest* coffee I've ever had. It's nearly sludge-like. The beans are from SLO (SLO Roast... clever, no?) and she grinds them for both drip and espresso. It's strong because she uses a lot of beans. All this to say I can tell a 'true' strong cup of coffee from a burned one, and Mishka's isn't it. Don't get me wrong, I like it just fine; it's just not entirely true to say "it seems weak because it's better quality." For what it's worth, my roommate's extra-hot chai was made extra-hot... not by steaming the milk any longer, but by adding hot water(!?). —DomenicSantangelo
  • I go to Mishka's nearly every night, and have probably drunk everything there at least once. I also frequent other cafes when Mishka's is closed or crowded/full. That said, Mishka's chai is almost undrinkable. Even if it's not supposed to resemble true Desi Chai, it doesn't even come close to the hypersweet, cinnamon-saturated Western conconction called "chai". —JesseSingh
    • They make their own chai tea base, though. As far as I know, they're the only place (at least downtown) that does.

2005-11-28 07:16:41   I wish they opened at 7AM. I need my fix. —GrahamFreeman