Mixed Student Union (MSU) formerly MOSAIC until Spring 2006

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About the Mixed Student Union

Mixed Student Union (MSU) is the only student organization on campus devoted to the mixed race, multiethnic, and transracial adoptee community. MSU provides a fun, safe and comfortable environment for people of mixed heritage or those who are interested.

We discuss the growing issues on diversity and mixed heritage and explore areas of racial, ethnic and cultural identification, sexuality, media representation and politics.

We collaborate with other ethnic student organizations on campus for events to promote mixed heritage awareness. We engage in social activities to help with solidarity across marginalized communities at UCD and at other universities.

We pride ourselves in a very diverse body of members and celebrating all the various mixes of MSU. We also encourage those who don't identify as mixed but are interested in interacting with the community to also attend our meetings. We welcome everyone! :]


Meetings are announced at the beginning of every Quarter. Email us to find out more information!

Winter Quarter 2012 Meeting times TBA (Email us to find out more information!)


MSU won the award "Emerging Organization Award" from the ASA department on May 18, 2006.


MSU hosts the annual Mixed Heritage Week yearly in May inbetween the SPAC Culture Days. Mixed Heritage Week will be May 7-11 2012!

MSU has quarterly potlucks which are DELICIOUS!

MSU also provides Hot Coco at all their Winter Quarter meetings for members and interested members.

MSU also attends the annual mixed community conference at UC Berkeley in which UCLA, UCSC, and UCSB mixed student communities also attend.


MSU supports One Drop, a mixed heritage independent AS PAPERS, and is now available around campus.


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I had the pleasure of speaking with a few members of MSU yesterday. They seem like really nice people, so I'd like to encourage people to join them, if the club seems like your kind of thing. —JosephBleckman

2007-03-02 09:04:27   I had no idea there was this, people that can relate to me are part of this! —GregWebb

2011-06-12 19:04:06   Seriously? I find out about a group like this after graduation... Ah well, group seems full of win. Best of luck to you folks. —Dozer

2011-11-10 19:51:15   I love MSU! Everyone is very friendly & accepting & who can pass up potlucks with everyone's yummy food from their different cultures! —kann