212 F street

MoT is a neat prank with a website and buzz around Davis claiming to be an upcoming dance club to be located in the old Dimple Records location. They created a wiki entry announcing, "Davis' first every highy energy night club dedicated to bringing the community a place to let loose and dance!" There was some healthy questioning of the situation, but it was Wendy Weitzel who confirmed it as a prank after speaking to the city and landlord.

Their description was, "MoT (pronounced "mote") is a high energy night club aimed to bring the people a place to let loose, go wild and dance all night! With its two bar areas, three lounge areas, massive dance floor, state of the art sound system, enough lighting to compete with the sun, snow maker, lasers, and more; MoT makes the perfect place to party any time. MoT will be located at the former location of Dimple records (212 F street and is expected to launch July 2014!"

Check out the website and (loud) video: http://www.momentumoftime.com/


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2014-04-01 02:20:27   Not sure if serious or april fools trolling. That old Dimple Music space has been sitting idle for a while... —RyanMeyerhoff

My thoughts exactly. I know Davis has a curious lack of a general nightclub, but something about this seems a little off. —CecilioPadilla

2014-05-22 14:38:38   This is a prank. I have been in contact with the city and the landlord. The property owner says that the ongoing lease discussions don’t include these people or this concept. —WendyWeitzel