720 2nd Street
Monday-Sat 10AM-5PM
(530) 758-3400
Ron Zoghbi, Jr.
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Mobile Connections has been in business since 1996 and offers a wide array of car audio and cellular products as well as services related to these products.

Cellular Accessories A wide assortment of chargers, pouches, and cases for much less than they are available for at other stores.

Audio They carry most JVC and Pioneer CD players, offer navigation and video packages, and have numerous brands of speakers, subwoofers and amplifiers. They also carry alarm systems that can be customized with remote start, keyless entry, 2-way remotes, trunk lock releases, and window modules. The labor rates vary depending upon the job at hand. Head unit installs are 35, speakers are 35 a pair, and amp installation is 65. Labor for alarms is included in the price and all installs come with a lifetime warranty on the work provided. 10 bucks is added for customer owned equipment and a 15 dollar fee is added for mobile installations. The store is small so the stock on hand can be low at times, but anything made by the companies carried in the store can be ordered and usually be in the store within a couple of days.

Cellular As far as Cellular phones go Mobile Connections offers service through Metro-PCS and T-Mobile. Prices and rate plans change on a monthly basis.

Metro PCS is currently offering Unlimited calling and texting starting at $40/month.

T-Mobile is currently offering Unlimited texting for $15/month with calls costing $0.10/minute, and Unlimited calling and texting starting at $50/month.

Payments Metro-PCS, as well as many other phone and utility payments, can also be made with a fee which is assessed by the company receiving the payment, not Mobile Connections. Metro-PCS and T-Mobile offer pre-paid non-contractual cellphone service and is therefore the ideal choice for International Students or anyone not interested or not able to sign up for a two-year contract.

Long Distance Cards The purchase of a long distance card (*123 Card) provides rates as low as $0.02 per minute for International calls.

For other cellular phone services in Davis, see the Mobile Phones page.


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2006-03-21 17:10:53   these guys are great! they were able to help me when nobody could. besides they carry all the cell phone companies. —FredMaker

2006-05-08 14:06:02   Ron who is the proprietor of this establishment is an honest guy. We have trusted him to install an alarm in one of our cars and add a subwoofer/amp and rear speakers in another. Accessible through email or phone and answers questions thoroughly and honestly. Follows up all sales with "lifetime" installation warranty; an example would be helping with alarm problems in a system that was installed 4 years prior. I'd advise people to see Ron for clean installs, fair prices, and honest answers. —UsetheForce

2007-04-18 22:23:52   I went because they were the only place that did Metro-PCS. I was glad to not really be bothered like I have been going into places that are only Cingular or Verizon. I also don't have a credit card, so I am very happy to walk in and pay my bill. Very convenient! —JessicaJohnson

2007-07-20 21:55:58   The BEST - They were able to fix my car alarm, after several visits to other places no one was able to fix my alarm. I came to find this place and Ron fixed it in about 10 minutes and was able to get the remote control that all the other places said was not available! If you need an alarm, stereo or phone try here first! —geterdone

2009-04-15 00:22:13   got our son his first pay-as-you-go T-mobile phone here. they were very helpful and quick. unfortunately, they don't carry T-mobile any more. —LyleNajita

2010-10-04 15:56:22   We are carrying T-Mobile prepaid service again. —MobileConnections

2012-06-13 10:28:39   This is truly a Davis gem. Ron (the owner and chief installer) is knowledgeable, fair and highly skilled. What Ron ISN'T is: arrogant, pushy or inept. Some car audio places make you feel like a shmuck for not agreeing to buy the most expensive over-blown system they carry. Ron is the exact opposite; he listens to your needs and concerns and recommends products that fit your sensibilities as well as your price point.

Awesome establishment.


2012-10-01 13:09:03   Overall, Mobile Connections is a super unprofessional shop that is not ready for prime time. Perhaps the only reason they stay in business is because they are the only car audio place in Davis. My experience with Mobile Connections seemed great in the beginning...I walked in on Monday 9/24/12 before noon looking for a new car stereo, got some help and what they had to offer seemed perfect so I was ready to buy. They even thought Ron might be able to install it that day. "Sorry, not today, but we'll call you later today with an appointment time for next week." The employee said he had to talk to Ron about his schedule. Nobody called back so I called in the late afternoon. The guy on the phone didn't know anything, so another guy had to call me back and schedule an appointment for the following Monday at 12:00 noon. That was the first warning sign, but I let it slide and was looking forward to an awesome new stereo the following week. Monday 10/1/12, a little before noon at the Olive Street installation place and it's a ghost town. I called over to the Mobile Connections store on 2nd Street to make sure somebody was coming in and nobody answered the phone after at least 20 rings. Uh oh, did I get the day mixed up? Are they on vacation? Nope, I drove over to the 2nd Street store and there is 1 employee on the phone with a potential customer going on and on. Meanwhile my ride has arrived at the Olive Street place waiting to pick me up and I still don't know what's going on. When the employee finally hangs up, I ask about my installation and he then calls Ron who tells him he did't know he had an installation today. So sorry, but he won't be coming in to do it. Really? The in-store employees were visibly embarrassed and didn't seem to know what to do. They just said sorry and let me walk out. Weird. I suppose I could have rescheduled, but then I was concerned about their customer service and follow up if something went wrong with my stereo. What a hassle. Now I will be going to Woodland or Vacaville. So many businesses in Davis wonder why people don't shop 100% local. —A.K.Athisia