A mobile smog check is kinda like a DUI checkpoint Kinda...

On Wed Feb 20th just past Oak on Covell but before F st from ~10:00-15:00 a lane as blocked right before the bike overpass, a tent set up in the close lane and a mobile smog deployed... This consists of a mobile Dyno (dynometer measures power to the wheels) and a CHP officer in uniform flagging down motorists and instructing them to submit to the inspection despite never committing a moving violation. These seem iffy at best, and are apparently voluntary (unless you are emitting large quantities of visual smoke, but that is probable cause). They originate from the Bureau Of Automotive Repairs

There was another in town sometime during April of 14'

  "Hello officer, Can I help you?"

  "We are conducting a random smog checkpoint, please pull over."

  "The Supreme Court in Michigan v Sitz found that DUI checkpoints are Constitutional due to the immediate
  and serious harm caused by drunk drivers so long as the police abide by certain factors. No such exception
  to the 4th amendment exists for SMOG checks. As you can tell, I am not under the influence of alcohol,
  and I have broken no other laws either. You therefore lack probable cause to stop me. Am I free to go?"

Also, keep this number handy in your cell - 1-800-952-5210 - press 0 and ask for Marvin. he is the the person in charge of the mobile smog stations, and the only one in the dept. He stresses the tests are voluntary unless you are clearly in violation from a strictly visual standpoint

The dyno appears to be 2wd, so if you have four wheel drive they can't test you anyways? Also you have to drive up a ramp and it's possible to have car bodies that can be damaged getting onto it.

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