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Modern Market Technologies (also known as MMT) was formed from Student Investors and Entrepreneurs as a student organization dedicated to providing real world business experience to students at UC Davis. In less than a year after formation, students within MMT have created a business plan, spoken with venture capitalists, presented in front of store management, and have been recognized in an Arkansas newspaper. MMT allows students the opportunity to pursue business interests in many ways; by creating and managing a financial budget, researching a market and developing a marketing strategy, creating a sales pitch and executing a sale, and much more. At MMT, students work to build a business capable of meeting the needs of consumers and to promote entrepreneurship to undergraduates. We envision ourselves as the premier organization for UC Davis students interested in becoming professionals in business and entrepreneurship.

Modern Market Technologies began in 2010 derived from a UC Davis student organization called Junior Investors and Entrepreneurs (JIE). In late 2009, one of JIE’s workshop speakers, impressed with the professionalism presented by JIE officers at a past workshop, granted JIE the opportunity to have exclusive rights to sell a product called Clean Cart Systems in Yolo County. Modern Market Technologies was formed in June 2010 as a nonprofit to better address the demands of the entrepreneurship venture and further promote entrepreneurship education.

Current and Future Programs

Current Programs Entrepreneurship Projects: MMT encourages social entrepreneurship and social enterprises. Social entrepreneurship is finding a need within a community and solving that need using business principles. A social enterprise is a nonprofit that supports itself through business activities and uses business principles to operate successfully. These projects are student managed and operated businesses. Students learn the steps to starting their own business by participating in the project. Students take these lessons and concepts and apply them to running the nonprofit.

Future Programs Mentorship Program: To encourage leadership and activism, we would like to start a mentorship program between professors, community members, and members of MMT.

Workshop: For students that are not involved with MMT, we host entrepreneurship seminars discussing our experiences and specific topics related to starting and operating a business and nonprofit. An example would be learning the incorporation process. These seminars will be taught by MMT members, which consist of undergrad UC Davis students.

Scholarship Fund: To further promote entrepreneurship and community service work within the community money earned from these entrepreneural projects will fund undergraduate scholarships.


OrigAudio Products

Modern Market Technologies sells origaudio products. Below are the current products on the market. To buy online and recieve a $10 discount on Rock-It and Sphear go to and enter UCDAVIS2010. To buy from Modern Market Technologies directly and learn about our pricing submit an inquiry on the contact us page or email us at


The Rock-It portable vibration speaker system takes music from your device and generates it into vibration sequences. It sends those vibrations through the Rock-It "pod" which you can stick to any object. Simply press play on your device (iPods, MP3 players, mobile phones, laptops, etc.) and Rock-It will turn the object into a speaker.


Sphear is a set of two stereo speakers that come fastened together for easy protability and can split apart to enhance sound quality.

It has an additional USB slot which can connect to external USB devices.

Sphear’s two speakers face upward at a point of 38 degrees, which is the perfect angle to optimize your sense of hearing and to create stereo surround sound.

Fold-and-Play Recycled Speakers

Fold-and-Play Two 1 watt speakers Cube Size: 3.15 x 3.15 x 3.15 inches (8 x 8 x 8 centimeters) 3.5mm Standard Audio Jack Plug Made from Recycled Materials NO batteries or exte Universally Compatible with any device that has a headphone jack (MP3 players, laptops, cell phones, cd players, etc.)


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