355 2nd Street , suite A
Second floor above Helmus Optometry

Mojo Flow Studio is a beautiful space in downtown Davis. This space features a Lazure painted interior, art, and a sprung floor. The space is used by Pilates for Bodies, Mojo Flow Dance, and One-on-One Therapeutic Yoga. For more information about Mojo Flow Dance and One-on-One Therapeutic Yoga, please email:mojoflowdance@gmail.com or contact Charli Joerger at 530.302.6307

The door to the studio is a little hard to find. It is on the far left (West) side of the building.


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2008-08-10 13:13:16   I've been attending the Mojo Fit class, and it is a fantastic work out for balance, back strength and abs, I recommend it. It is quite strenuous, so it's not for relaxation. —ceciliavh

2008-10-06 15:36:35   I have been going to the Mojo Flow Level 1 class twice a week for a almost two months and it has definitely improved my core strength and balance. This class is slower than the Mojo Fit class, but still is a major workout for me. I enjoy the colorful room and the instructor makes exercising fun! —LauraSchaap

2008-10-19 15:35:19   I love this new and light space in town. Since I joined three weeks ago I feel revitalized and energized. I not only gained physical but also spiritual strength - thanks to the different classes. I highly recommend it. EdithSP —EdithSP

2010-01-04 12:32:11   I just started with the Pilates Flow class and I would definitely recommend it! It's a great work out, I can definitely feel it the next day. Chris, the instructor, always gives personalized feedback to everyone in the class, which I really appreciate. —KatieR

2010-03-24 22:32:04   What happen to the dance/music class (free form?) for kids? —LeeY

2010-05-02 14:36:46   The "pilates flow" class incorporates stretching, hand-held weights, and even dance exercises. The class is easily accessible to all fitness levels; I felt comfortable even though I was out of shape, inflexible, and shy when I first began. The instructor, Chris, is very amicable and gives personalized attention to all students even in large class sizes. The membership price is monthly and very affordable. I highly recommend the class- if you're even curious about exercising with a group, check out this studio. —cphillips