Moose is a drinking game.


  • An ice cube tray
  • A quarter


  • First, players must designate which side of the ice cube tray is "take a drink" side and "give out a drink" drink side (divide it hotdog style...not hamburger).
  • Players take turns bouncing the quarter off the table and into the ice cube holders. Depending on which side the quarter lands on, they either give out or take a drink. The number of drinks is determined by how far away the cube holder is (i.e. if it's 5 down, then you give/take 5 drinks).
  • If the player makes a quarter in the last cube holder then all players must throw up "horns" and shout "moose." The last player to show horns and yell "moose" must finish their drink.

Sometimes during moose players can get frustrated at their drunken fellow players who can't seem to bounce a quarter in the tray for the life of them... as the two former SOS officers depicted here.

  • Sometimes, if somebody is having really bad luck, the "five tries" rule in invoked, meaning that if you truly cannot get the quarter in the tray after five attempts, then it goes to the next person.