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The Morleys
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Morley's Swim School is one of the swimming schools in the area. It is a family owned business located in Woodland, and has a good reputation in the area for providing high quality, low student to instructor ratio (3:1) swimming lessons for kids. There is one head instructor who oversees all the instructors, noting progresses of students, and gives useful feedback to parents as necessary. The swim school is located in a residential house. According the the brochure they mail to potential students, it has "41 years of experience". The pool is heated. All students receive a jellybean at the end of each lesson.

Lessons are only held during summer. Each session is 30 minutes each day, Monday - Friday for two weeks.

To register, you first have to request the brochure by calling the number in Spring. The brochure will contain general information about the school, session times, and the first day of registration. They don't have a website, and have been using this low-tech way of registration for many years. Classes fill up VERY quickly and you pretty much have to call and leave your information the first day registration is open (May 10 for 2010).


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2010-06-05 22:13:38   The extended Morley family taught my daughter Geneva how to swim, for which we are grateful. Worth the drive to Woodland. —DrandyJones

2010-06-29 11:41:42   I am seeing results on my little one after only one week. Excellent school! —LeeY

2014-04-07 14:13:20   Morleys' Swim School closed last summer after 45 years of success. Thank you for your support. —carolynmorley