Rocking out at 'On the Y' in Sacramento

Mortal Forever is a local band that performs BlackMetal/Progressive/Hardcore music.


Summer of 2005

The band is established during the hot summer of 2005, originally named "Revelations”. Starting with James Blake, Anthony Nelson and Cody Craven . James Blake and Cody Craven late left the band. Leaving Anthony to create a new line up, witch later evolved into today’s members.

Summer of 2006

Having fired DeMarini for his erratic drug abuse, and lack of talent on instruments, Stone and Nelson continued to have random practices and songwriting sessions, sometimes accompanied by ex-bassist Provost.

Summer of 2007

In May 2007 Jackson Jordan replaced Evan Provost.


During the 2007-2008 school year, the band decided it was time for some changes. They recruited ex-guitarist Alex DeMarini to play keyboards. When they realized he had no talent, they tried him out as vocalist. He was sufficient, and has held the position respectively since. The band then played a show at "On The Y" in Sacramento in early 2008. After the show, the band realized that they needed a lead guitarist to play more intricate solos, and for rhythm portions. After searching for an hour, they agreed on Nelson's classmate Paul (last name unknown). From there on, they have held this lineup for several months, and appears to be a solid one.

Current Members

Anthony Nelson (Lord Nelson)

Anthony began playing drums when he was 11 years old. During, a live performance in early 2008, Nelson's blast beat skills reached such a high level, that several female audience-members simultaneously had orgasms, and had to lie down so that they didn't pass out. Lord Marco(ex drummer for Brian Drill) has stated that Nelson is "The #1 Davis Fan".

Tommy Stone

Tommy Stone is an accomplished guitarist from Sacramento. He attends Jesuit School in Sac, and spends his weekends listening to Death Cab For Cutie, and watching Zombie movies.

Jackson Jordan

Jackson is the oldest member of the band, being 18. He is constantly bothered by his bandmates for tobacco products, rides in his Volvo, and job interviews. He also works for the City. Jackson says. " It's money in my pocket." Jackson also plays bass for local dance-folk-punk band Sterling Riot.

Alex DeMarini

Alex plays guitar, slide guitar, bass, piano, guitar hero, and drums, and is currently employed as vocalist. He has been known to be completely insane, and is also know for his sexual promiscuity and out-of-control substance abuse. He was arrested in April 2007 for smoking marijuana at a skate park by his school during the school lunch hour. He completed his mandatory drug testing and community service on October 30th, and celebrated the next day on Halloween by getting high and eating candy, thus showing his unwillingness to change his ways. By 2008, he had simultaneously become a meth/crack/opium addict, and still is to this day.


No information is known about Paul. He says and does extremely awkward things constantly, hugs people randomly, and compulsively screams “BREE”. Paul departed the band in 2009.

Roberto Avena

Roberto joined the band after Paul's departure. Known for having Mexican license plates, Roberto was considered to be the fastest guitarist and easiest member of the band to get along with, since it was impossible to argue with someone who did not speak English. Roberto was too likable to kick out. Roberto's favorite album by Opeth is "Blackwater Park"

Current Members

* Alex DeMarini(lead vocals) * Tommy Stone(clean vocals/guitar) * Paul(guitar) * Jackson Jordan(bass) * Anthony Nelson(drums)

Past Members

  • James Blake(guitar)
  • Cody (Cowboy) Craven(guitar)
  • Jody Doyon(guitar)
  • Evan Probost(bass)


The band has many different religious views. While Anthony full blown Satanist. Jackson, and Tommy are agnostic, Paul is a member of Bahá'í, and Alex is a confirmed catholic, although he is constantly questioning his faith, making him somewhat agnostic. The band also has ties to Satan after review of the original lyrics of their song "fire and brimstone".


The band has several songs posted on their myspace account (, and check in daily. If you would like to contact them, send an email to the myspace.

Phone Contacts

Jackson - 530-574-2528
Alex - 530-848-5056

Listen to Mortal Forever, you'll get laid!


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2008-06-24 17:28:27   so.. there's a lot i have to say about this.. 1. i've never heard anyone say anthony is the greatest drummer alive. i'm not saying it's not true, i'm just saying i've never heard someone say it. 2. you spelled mayonnaise wrong. 3. i would replace death cab with jeffree star in tommy's entry. 4. Da Vinci it two words. 5. i think it's time to get over the MSI thing.. and speaking of that, i noticed you didn't mention why you fell to the ground.. [[fat ass]] 6. in your summer 2007 thing, you spelled turtle wrong. 7. also, for the love of god, evan's last name is provost.. 8. and lastly, i wanna meet this paul kid. if he's really a jew and extremely awkward, i gotta meet him.

other than that, this didn't suck too bad. =] —ASS

2008-06-24 17:29:06   4. Da Vinci is* two words. —ASS

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When it gets a photo, I think it might need to go up as a featured entry. For that matter, so should many of the bands. —JabberWokky

Well, it was the funniest Davis Wiki page. Now it's just another vanilla PC-correct page —JimStewart

Yeah... what the hell happened? The writing used to be witty and amusing. Now it's just a dry history of the band. The old writeup made me want to give them a listen. —JabberWokky

2008-07-01 13:31:48   Oh you two naysayers. I barely changed a thing except give the page more consistent formatting with the wiki. You'll still get laid listening to Mortal Forever. —RobRoy