This page is for archiving comments from 2005 from Moshi Moshi.

2005-06-17 03:55:17   Probably the best Japanese restaurant in Davis (although honestly the competition isn't stiff). While Fuji's is a better value, and Nobu Hiro is pretty good, Moshi Moshi is probably the most inventive. Most of the restaurants in Davis don't stray far from the Chicken Teriyaki and California Rolls, but the rolls at Moshi Moshi are pretty original. Favorite Dish: Soft-Shell Crabbed with Sweet Potato Tempura sides —AlvinTsao

2005-07-13 21:15:58   Agree w/Alvin— inventive rolls & great, fresh sushi. Better selection of fish than other sushi places around town, which seem limited to tuna & salmon & california rolls. Reasonable prices. —MoKi

2005-08-06 20:44:51   I just got back from having dinner w/ the parents there...Great tasting food and not extraordinarily expensive. Absolutely best presentation I've seen thus far from any place in Davis and also the asthetics of the restaurant are awesome. Unfortunately my mom is picky so I didn't get to be as inventive as I would have liked but the Combo B plate w/ spicy tuna maki is quite hearty. My dad got the unagidon (sp?) which is just an unagi rice bowl which as wonderfully tasting as it was, a bit pricier? But the staff is nice! I think they're Taiwanese...does anyone know? —KarlaFung

2005-09-05 00:54:38   Their California roll is excellent. Great care is taken on the presentation of to-go boxes. They always offer water when I wait for my takeout sushi. —JudithTruman

2005-09-06 03:49:14   Yeah, the senior staff is from Taiwan (Chinese, I don't think native Taiwanese), however, a great deal of their family (or they themselves) have gone to UC Davis. Very nice owners. I don't think any of the Japanese restaurants in Davis area is actually owned by someone who is Japanese, although I haven't checked out Mirai. Stand by my opinion of Moshi Moshi being the best, avoid Osaka at all costs. —AlvinTsao

2005-09-24 01:39:42   I can't say that it's the best sushi in town, but the mushroom tempura is damn tasty. —DatNguyen

2005-09-24 02:45:06   Not outrageous? Learn how to cook, people! For $12.95 you can buy a whole chicken and plenty of spices to make a first-rate, candle-light dinner (with leftovers, to boot). Don't delude yourself. You're not part of the aristocracy. You spend other people's money, not the hoardings of your estate. When will you learn that you can't afford such extravagances as Trappist Ale, a private masseuse, organic produce, or Sushi? Join the Slow Food movement before it's too late! P.S. For those of you who aren't familiar with sarcasm and hyperbole, you should know I'm sometimes having a bit of fun when writing little snippets like this. For the record, my favorite beer is Trappist ale and I love sushi. So take that, you google-personality-profiling half-and-halfs! Can't people recognize social-satire anymore? —ZN

The "slow food movement" had a luncheon in Central Park during the Farmer's Market. It was $40, so I didn't participate. For 99 cents I can get a fast food meal. Your point eludes me. —SteveDavison

  • Perhaps you should read the link I provided about the slow food movement, rather than take one isolated experience associated with the term and blow it out of proportion. —ZN

2005-11-20 13:28:13   Congrats, Zach! You have now made the two most pompous and ridiculous statement I've ever read. Turns out I can afford Trappist Ale. And it's good. And I love it. So keep your slow-food-self-help crap to yourself. —JeffSpeckles

  • I'm glad—this shows you have some taste (read my note above). —ZN