407 G Street , Suite 3
Tues.-Sat 10am-6pm Sun 11am-5pm closed Mon.
Summer 2014

Motown Barber Shop is an classic barber shop located across from Regal Cinemas Davis Stadium 5 next to Western Feed & Pet Supply on G street. All college students with a valid I.D. can get a haircut for $15, regular hair cuts are $18. They also offer straight razor face shaves complete with hot steam towels, warm shaving lather, and a facial massage for $30. Specializing in all types of haircuts using both shears and clippers they offer, Tapers, Fades, Faux Hawks, Retro Styled Side Parts, Classic Professional Styles, and any other type of cut you can think of.

They replaced Memo's Barber after they closed down. 


Hair too long? Davis is full of barber shops for your clipping pleasure!

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    2014-12-04 21:25:26   I got a great haircut here! The barber was attentive, friendly, and took his time to create a quality look for my difficult hair. Nice clean shop too. —ScottMeehleib

    2016-04-26 15:54:25   Got a fantastic cut here last week. I walked in to a packed shop (on a Wednesday) and was concerned that I'd be asked to leave seeing as how it was less than an hour from closing; however, the woman at the front desk let me know that so long as my name was on their list, I'd get my cut. After waiting an hour, I was honestly a little annoyed that they would let me put my name down, but I figured I already waited a bit and the folks who were going ahead of me seemed happy with their cuts and engaged with the barbers. I was finally seated for my cut (last person of the day) and not only did Ben do a fantastic job in no time at all, but Motown - the owner of the joint - offered me a beer as he and Ben began to close shop. I happily accepted and chatted with the two of them for a minute; kinda feeling bad that I was annoyed with these two dope dudes. All in all, it's a great spot that's really well kept and houses two talented barbers who far surpass anything you can get at a supercuts/greatclips-type barbershop (and for the same price!!!). I will definitely be returning and would highly recommend to anyone looking to get a solid cut for a great price and environment. —7H3BY0HK3M157