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Mountain Mike's is closed.

South Davis Veterinary Center has moved into this location.
4615 Cowell Blvd. (In El Macero Shopping Center)
Sun - Thu 11 AM - 9 PM
Fri - Sat 11 AM - 10 PM
Phone Number
(530) 792-0700

Mountain Mike's is a pizza parlor with delivery. It has recently re-opened under new ownership. The restaurant is clean, redecorated and has a friendly staff. The owner, Leanne Hammond, hopes that you'll come in to see what changes have been made, and she hopes the restaurant will be a place where you visit often and hang out with your family and friends. Leanne has lots of fun ideas such as, Wii Parties, Pizza and beer specials, new items on the salad bar, and a couple of great new pizzas. Their new lunch buffet is $5.00 and is available from 11am-2pm, Mon-Sun. We have a dinner buffet on Wednesday nights for $7.00. We have nightly specials and currently, pizzas are half-off on TUESDAYS. Please feel free to let Mountain Mike's know what you think; any ideas are welcome. Come in and find out about our great FUNDRAISING programs... We deliver to UCDAVIS study halls and campus housing, as well as meeting the delivery needs for DAVIS.

Large Pepperoni

The extra large pizza is the largest in town, spanning 20" and an FSI of 260.


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2009-01-08 16:51:44   word on the street is they're re-opening mid-late January of 2009 —zachadelic

2009-01-27 12:52:41   Officially opened 4 days ago, according to the guy on the phone. —ArmyDecoy

2009-02-04 18:01:57   HEY HEY! new owners I can finally try mountain mikes! I didn't get a chance to try it last time but it was on the agenda! do they still have the lunch buffet whatever?! —StevenDaubert

2009-02-04 23:10:49   Called them tonight, but no answer/answering machine - course it is 11:00. I really hope they have a lunch buffet, beats shopping prices! —convoy

2009-02-09 15:19:14   We decided to give this location a try because we love the Mountain Mike' by Arco Arena. I was so glad to see they have similar pictures and they really cleaned the place up. The best part is a tie between the pizza and the service. They really "get it" at this location —Karrow

2009-02-12 16:08:32   My husband and I tried the barbecue chicken and pineapple pizza, and we were very pleased not just with the pizza, but with the service. They were quick and friendly, and the pizza was loaded with toppings. The only downside is that it's a little bit more expensive than I'm used to paying for pizza, but I would say that it's merited by the higher quality. —AnnaJones

2009-02-20 11:48:43   After missing lunch I tried the salad bar at 3 pm on a Saturday afternoon in January. The lettuce was sufficiently crunchy and moist even though it was not a busy time of day. Everything tasted good with appropriate flavors and none of the ingredients I selected gave me any adverse reaction, as has occurred at other salad bars. A staff member helped me pick up my bike after I knocked it over as he locked up his on the way in to start work. The pictures of outdoor scenes on the walls were both thrilling and peaceful and sound levels allowed me to converse with minimal voice strain. The ladies restroom was clean. —JeannieLund

2009-02-27 13:27:57   Well I tried the lunch buffer around 12:30 and I must say it was simply okay. Salad bar was in decent shape but the lettuce was either a bit too large and most all pieces were had browning on the edges happening. Tasted okay but didn't look very appealing. Also I would say that while the Pizza selection in the buffet was solid, the heat lamp is putting out too much heat! Their pepperoni is already on the very crispy side and with the intense heat from the lamp the cheese and toppings were taking a beating. Place was very clean and has nice seating. If they could try to minimize the lettuce looking so old in the lunch rush and turn down the heat lamp I think they would have a better product. —loneshark

2009-04-02 01:24:43   I was SUPER pleased with Mountain Mike's dinner buffet this evening. There was constant fresh pizza being prepapred with their Everest Classic Combo, Hawaiian, this Creamy Chicken Garlic thing, Cheese Pizza, etc. Also, awesome garlic cheese bread sticks!! Their salad bar is a bit sappy, but salad is..well salad. The staff was really friendly and was asked if we needed anything else. We were a huge group too, from a fraternity. I felt bad that we didn't leave the premises until like 9:30, but they weren't rude and kicked us out immediately which I found kind of them. The pizza was really fresh and had just the perfect amount of toppings. Not too cheesy, salty and I personally love love the crispy pepperoni on their pizza. :D —MissAmyQ

2009-04-13 12:42:03   Been here three times now, each time for take-out, and for the same pizza (BBQ Chicken Luau). The pizza has been delicious each time; I'm continually impressed with the amount of toppings that goes onto one. On a normal day it may be one of the pricier pizzas around, though you certainly get what you pay for (especially with the "mountain" size), but the deals here are at their best on Sundays when pizzas are half-off. Signs around the restaurant say that it's a limited-time offer, but so long as it lasts this is an great deal on a tasty pizza. —KevinChin

2009-08-03 13:46:39   Good service and good pizza. —RealComputers

2009-08-07 10:39:10   I love this place. Def my favorite of all the chain pizza joints. Everything I've had tastes great and the specialty pizzas are all over flowing with toppings. It's a little pricey but they almost always have coupons on their website. My favorite pies are "the Everest," "snowy alps," and the "pineapple chicken luau" which is like a cross between a BBQ chicken pizza and a Hawaiian pizza. —TheRadish

2010-01-20 12:05:58   I went in for the lunch buffet a couple of weeks ago, and I have to say that it was a great experience. The owner came and said hello and chatted with us, and made sure that we had everything we needed. Because there were only a few of us in the restaurant, the guy who made the pizzas asked us what we wanted, and those orders came out in about 10 or 15 minutes. The breadsticks were delicious, and so was the dessert pizza. I would definitely recommend Mountain Mike's to anyone who wants good pizza for a great price. —emmaleanne

2010-02-07 21:06:46   very please with both the pizza and service here :) —5thAve

2010-07-15 03:07:10   This pizza place deserves zero star in terms of its buffet service. We went to the place around 7:00 p.m on a Wednesday. There were 4 types of pizzas on the buffet counter; however, three of them had only a couple of pieces left. Pretty soon, the only pieces left were the sweet kinds. They did NOT serve any more pizzas. The salad bar was a joke. The vegetables seemed to be leftover from either lunch time or the day before. The shredded cheese became crumbs. After eating a small portion of the salad, we decided not to eat the cold food any more for fear of getting sick. At 7:25, we asked if they could bring one more pizza. Well, they just gave us a cold look and we waited for another 20 minutes. NO MORE pizzas!!!! We finally left. No wonder there were so few customers at the store. We should have got a takeout. —KeylyK

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2010-07-26 15:43:25   I just went into Mountain Mikes in Davis and met the new owner. The restaurant looked amazing, I tried the salad bar and everything was very fresh and appetizing. Everyone, including the employees looked like they were enjoying themselves. Now on to the pizza, it was better than ever, they had my pizza ready to eat in no time at all, even though the place was busy. After all of this so called "constructive criticism" Mountain Mikes Pizza seems to be moving towards the positive. —ChrisAtkinson

2010-07-26 15:59:38   Also dont forget about half price pizza's on SUNDAY!!! WHAT A DEAL!!! —ChrisAtkinson

2010-09-24 15:36:35   I went in to mountain mikes on wednesday night for the dinner buffet and it was amazing! After reading the bad review about the buffet, I was a little skeptical but my friends really wanted to go. I don't know what that person was talking about because there were constantly fresh pizzas coming out and the salad bar was very clean and appetizing. The girl working the front kept up on the tables and cleaned the salad bar frequently. I'm not a huge fan on buffet style food but for the quality and price I will definitely be going back! -Desarae —DesaraeAllen

2010-12-23 13:30:35   As good as any other Mountain Mike's I've been to, never had a problem with customer service or wait times. I even forgot to order a certain item on my pizza and they gave it to me on the side free of charge. —jwieland1989

2011-01-21 10:38:37   Mountain Mikes is my favorite pizza place, so we mostly always order from them. The last few times, the pizza has arrived a little late and the cheese had begun to harden. I know that some cooling happens with delivery, but maybe they need to invest in some heat boxes or take less pizzas with them on the delivery run. Also, we had ordered a pepperoni pizza and they were very skimpy on the toppings — cheese and meat! The crust is pretty thick, so the toppings need to balanced out so it's not so bready. I wish they had a thin crust option. I think they need to splurge a little on the toppings too! —MissKay

2011-07-19 18:34:23   This location is terrible. The last two times we have ordered pizza they have either given our pizza to someone else (delivery driver took it accidentally) or they've given us the wrong pizza. The manager is very nice but it's not worth the hassle to deal with the employees. The wait time is always at least 20 minutes longer than they estimate too. —NichoelM

2011-08-24 20:32:26   Just got my first order from these guys and I dare say I am impressed. Now, $30 for a large delivered with tip is a bit steep but when I opened the box I had a bit of an "ah-ha" moment. My large Pineapple Chicken Luau (chicken, bacon, pineapple w/ bbq sauce) was still piping hot and, as the photo above indicates, topped to the brim. I love crust and all but when I pay for nifty toppings I want there to be plenty of them... and Mike's delivered, so to speak. Even under the pile of chicken and bacon the crust was perfectly crispy and very flavorful. I also filled up on only 3 slices, possibly a new record. Color me impressed.

So the details... Price for order: $30.17 including $3 tip for driver Pros: Reasonable delivery time, lots of toppings, great crust Cons: Slightly high price, online ordering system not working

Overall: Possible new favorite pizza but not the best when looking for a bargain. (though there is some little birdy telling me something about half-off large pizzas on certain days of the week? could come in handy...) —KBathory

2011-08-27 17:35:00   I went here on Friday with a friend to eat their lunch buffet. Weird how the doors were locked, lights were off, and no one was in sight. It was 12:15 too. Are they out of business? Weird. —BenLee

2011-08-30 19:11:02  just called today and got the automated response saying their phone is no longer connected... out of business? —NathanRosales

2011-09-03 14:34:18   I went by a week ago and they did appear to be closed. A person walking by had some hopes/information that it would reopen again, perhaps under new management. Mountain Mike's, I pine for your pepperoni pizza! Please come back! —EvaG

2011-12-16 17:04:38   bad pizza and old salad! —JeffA

2012-11-29 09:50:45   This restaurant has gone out of business. —ScottSchiller