Mr. B's Branding Iron was a popular bar and restaurant that had been in existence from 1922-19981960s. It started out as the Terminal Café in 1922 at the corner of 2nd and G street. George Tingus and James Belenis were the owners. They were on their way to Seattle from Vrestina Greece. Fate had them buying the café on a coffee stop while waiting for the northbound train. They eventually added a second floor hotel in 1927. In 1946 James Belenis moved the café to 716 2nd street and renamed it Phil's Grill after a cousin who still lived in Greece. There was a downstairs that was used as a banquet room. Live music was played. Only beer was available, as Davis was still dry to hard spirits. James' son, George, took over the business in 1956 after a stint in the Navy in Korea.

George moved the business to 223 F street in 1963. He renamed in Mr. B's Brandin' Iron. In 1965, the first legal drink was served in Davis in almost 60 years at Mr. B's. The bar and restaurant was a town gathering place for UCD athletic supporters. In 1978, George dropped the Brandin' Iron name for Mr. B's Sports Page. This coincided with the heyday in UCD Football. In 1985, George passed away. His son and daughter, Jim and Liz, continued running the family business with his sister Peg and brother Nick (passed away in 2002). In 1988 Jim and Liz moved Mr. B's to 223 E Street. The name was once again altered, this time to Mr. B's Bar & Grill. This was a larger location. Mr. B's continued to be major bar scene with UCD students. The Belenis' sold the business in 1998. Jim Belenis, Liz Belenis Slater, and Peg Swisher are still members of the Davis community.