Mr. Mopps (Est. Late May-Early June 2007—) is a three week old male orange and white striped cat that hangs out with AlexanderHo, Ronald Payne, and Steve Ostrowski. It should be noted that none of three listed actually owns the cat, rather the cat is owned by the three's more mysterious roommate. The cat was named after an obscure online comic book character. The name of the cat however is in a state of fluctuation as some of the roommates consider it's first name to be rather lame. The cat is an inside animal and is seemingly nocturnal. The cat has a tendency to never stay still, stare at computer screens, analyze the hamster's cage, bite on various objects, climb, fight with the roommates, and defy Ostrowski's will. The cat has the interesting ability of jumping at least three feet in the air in order to escape a constructed barrier made by Ostrowski. The cat is generally quiet unless it gets mad.

Pictures will come soon.


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2007-08-03 10:21:05   God dammit, Steve, his name is Mr. Mopps, not Snax! Ugh, how do I request for a change of wiki name...

Also, your face is lame :P —AlexanderHo

2007-08-03 13:38:36   It's your own fault for mixing up the characters. I'll do the name change —SteveOstrowski