Got Beef and Mr. Pickles, both with everything

2191 Cowell Boulevard , Suite F, near the South Davis Dos Coyotes
Monday - Friday 10:00am - 7:00pm
Saturday - 10:00am - 5:00pm
Sunday - 11:00am - 5:00pm
Payment Methods
Cash, Credit Cards
Non Food Features

Mr. Pickle's is an awesome sandwich shop that has many locations throughout the Sacramento area. They make big sandwiches that are well priced for what you get. They are located in Oakshade Town Center where Davis Creamery used to be. Mr. Pickles is not a real person, so don't go in there looking for him or you'll be in for some disappointment. The owners of the Mr. Pickles franchise are Frank and Michelle Fagundes. The owners of the Davis location are Bonnie and Mickey Mann, disproving the suspicion that it may in fact be the real Mr. Pickles. (In contrast, there really is a Mr. Coyote who owns Dos Coyotes).

Sometimes there is a giant dancing pickle out near the intersection and when there isn't there may be an employment opportunity available.

A free cookie is given to those who purchase a sandwich. A low carb, low fat wrap option is also available. The "Tuna Tuna" sandwich with everything on a Dutch Crunch roll is over 1500 calories for a mere $7.25. But why stop there? Add in some Baja Sauce, Bacon and extra cheese and you surpass the 2000 calorie mark for under $10.


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2012-12-06 23:49:38   The employees are friendly and ensure your order is correct. The sandwiches taste great, and I really like their Dutch crunch rolls. Much better quality in service and food than Subway. —Kacarab

2013-01-02 12:32:00   Their sandwhiches are good, but the issue is they don't do "assembly line" ordering like subway or chipotle. So, there are two sandwhich makers helping one customer at a time, while the cashier does nothing. This makes it very difficult to get your order quickly...if there are 2 people ahead of you and 2 up at the sandwhich counter, you are looking at 15 minute wait (compare to probably a 5 minute wait at one of the places I mentioned above) —potsie

2013-02-17 12:37:05   All I have to say is, holy club sandwich! I have yet to order something I don't love from this place. Also, everyone is so friendly - and their catering sandwiches are surprisingly good too! —mooodavis

2013-04-30 12:37:05   Based on my one experience I would say Mr. Pickles makes a decent sandwich that is priced comparably to the Nugget. The "Mr. Pickles" sandwich was much better than the "Got Beef" and the Dutch Crunch bread seems to result in more fillings and less bread.—MikeyCrews

2013-10-25 12:20:58   The sandwiches here are really good and they have creative combinations. I love the free cookie and they occasionally have deals like soda's for 99 cents. The only gripe I have is the fact that they close so early so if you eat dinner later than 7 during the week or 5 on weekends, you're outta luck. —KathrynAzarvand