Ahhhh, the mullet — business in the front, party in the rear; short on top for the fellas, long in back for the ladies. This disgustingly beautiful hairstyle has been known to show up around the Davis area.

It goes by various other names, some more obscure than others:

  • 10/90 (10% in the front, 90% in the back)
  • Ape Drape
  • Arkansas Waterfall
  • Camaro cut
  • Femmulet (for women)
  • Hockey Hair
  • Mississippi Mudflap
  • Norco Neck Warmer
  • Soccer Rocker
  • Tennesse Top Hat
  • Vokuhila (Fo-koo-hee-lla) (German)

Fellow Editors

ArlenAbraham: the man, the myth, the legend

Close up shot of the 10/90

Other Davis Sightings

BIS 102 in Hunt Hall, Spring 2004

Thrift Store Outlet in Woodland, Crackaddict, Feb. 2k4 (this thrift store is awesome, btw)

The Mullet Man of Davis (?)

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