2008-01-30 13:31:40   I think the food here is some of the best in town. It's pricey, but when my husband and I want a nice dinner we know we will get the quality we expect, and thus the price is worth it. My one complaint is the manger. Like others, I have seen her yell at employees in front of patrons. I have seen it happen twice, and it is very unprofessional. I felt so bad for my server I gave her a little extra tip, especially since she really didn't do anything wrong. —AmLin

2008-02-21 16:55:24   As a frequent diner at the Mustard Seed, I will be the first to admit that the couple who owns and runs the restaurant does occasionally have a bad night; however, they are wonderfully kind and caring people despite the occasional inappropriate evening. They have always been exceptionally nice to me, and they know their stuff. The food, the wine, and the atmosphere is all them. It is obviously family owned and operated, and, although dysfunction sometimes stems from that, they also care about you and your experience so much more. They are highly invested, and, for the most part, they seek to give you the best experience possible. Also, the servers are great—I do not understand many of the reviews above. Their salads are delightful, the tomato bisque and puff pastry is superb. If you go at lunch during the fall/winter, get the penne pasta—it is outstanding! Always save room for dessert; it is the best in town! My favorites are the soufflé cake and the trio of profiteroles, but my boyfriend loves the bread pudding. Their lamb and duck dishes are wonderful in the evening next to the fire. If you are looking for romance, reserve the two top next to the fire; I saw a couple get engaged there once! I do feel though that they could stand to change their menu more often. Regardless, it is by far the best in town! —s.haraldson

2008-06-13 12:40:14   My Girlfriend and I were dining at Osteria Fasulo on a Tuesday night at about 7 pm a couple of weeks ago and had the great displeasure of sharing the interior room with the owners of the Mustard Seed. The patio was very full and there were only two servers on for the night, the one servicing us and the MS owners inside was called in that night after having to cancel a dinner date with his girlfriend in Sacramento. Because we were the only ones in the restaurant we could hear all of the very loud and crass words emanating from the table 10 feet from ours. Leonardo went and talked with them for awhile and the chef also conversed with them at length after serving them a custom dish. Before the chef came out they spared no criticism and after when discussing it with him called it perfect blah, blah, blah. The pinnacle of the evening however, came when our very polite and attentive server under the circumstances (12 tables between two overworked servers )delivered their bill. They complained that the chef told them the custom dish would be comped (we never heard that) and complained vehemently to have it removed. This is the antithesis of class (business at the seed not doing well). THEN, the woman had the audacity to say "service was very poor tonight, our appetizers took too long an what I tell my servers is if you are not waiting on us, we're waiting on you." The pace at a nice restaurant like Osteria ought to be relaxed and offer time to savor the dishes and have relaxing conversation (at a respectable volume) over some nice wine. I fell like the level of class and patience of these two is more suited to getting their Italian fix at Pasta. I have never seen someone treated like this at a restaurant where he was good and obviously operating under understaffed duress. Additionally it would be poor form for a server to interrupt conversations happening between a guest and the owner or chef so it was their false and pretentious yammering that prevented the timely delivery of the delicious mussel appetizer I enjoyed. If their behavior and other comments on this page are any indication i would avoid their restaurant as they managed to create a dour atmosphere in a restaurant that they were only dining in as opposed to operating. -Jonathan Nasca —JJNasca

2008-06-26 21:33:21   The food here is expensive but good, and it's true the service is slow but I haven't experienced anything else too negative (yet). If a $25 dinner entree isn't in your budget but you still want to enjoy some good food, come for the sandwiches at lunch. They're still a little pricey ($10) but are worth it, and I really enjoyed sitting out on the patio. Their stand at the Farmers Market on Wednesday nights is good too. —SRB

2008-10-14 10:59:49   Came here for lunch last Friday with "my partner". It was fantastic! Service was prompt and courteous. I had the tuna while he ordered the roast beef sandwich (I think). The food was tasty and the atmosphere was really nice. Although, I do feel like I didn't get the full experience since the owner didn't verbally abuse us. Maybe next time. —CurlyGirl26

2008-10-14 18:03:04   Yes, I agree, that the woman in the front, who believes she knows how to run a "Fine Dining Establishment," is ridiculous, rude, and very unprofessional. Just the tone in her voice is very condescending, and if you even look like you're not good enough for the restaurant, she asks you why you're there and turns her nose up if you don't "look" like the "right" customer. One piece of advice for you lady...it is not appropriate for a person to be able to see your stomach skin through the holes in your shirt in a "fine dining establishment." This is one place in Davis you WILL get discriminated against. —Penelope

2008-11-16 20:20:40   i completely agree with other posts; the owner is autocratic abrasive and rude, walks around with this chip on her shoulder frantically ordering the staff around and most of the patrons notice. the food is OK- some dishes are better than others they know how to sear a fillet of halibut and for lunch their salads are decent but it's frankly not worth the money. To commit yourself to a place in the $30 entree and $10 appetizers (and $18 corkage fee) territory with dismissive or at least overstretched staff to dine in a cramped and poorly decorated atmosphere is pretty absurd. —Chrissapher