students at Zabu Oak Shaung Nunnery School

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Max Harrington, Susan Steinbach, Rita Montes-Martin
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Myanmar Children's Foundation is a non-profit organization.

Founded in January 2007 in Davis, a small city in the central valley of California, USA, the Myanmar Children’s Foundation (MCF) is a small yet effective organization dedicated to helping the children of Myanmar (Burma), one of Asia’s poorest and most economically isolated countries. Run by a group of dedicated volunteers in Davis and Myanmar, the MCF keeps its administrative costs to a minimum. This allows the maximum amount to be directed to those who truly need it - the children of Myanmar. The MCF is working with five Buddhist monastic schools in poor rural areas of Myanmar that provide free education to children whose families cannot afford to attend government-run schools. They also provide shelter, care, and education to orphaned children or children whose families are too poor to even provide for their basic needs. At these schools, the foundation has constructed four classroom buildings (and is currently building its fifth), sponsored the educational costs of over 500 children at-risk of dropping out of school because of their family’s financial situation, and sponsored a year’s salaries for over 20 teachers. It has also given emergency relief to children and schools affected by Cyclone Nargis in May 2008, built a water tank to provide clean drinking water in the dry season, provided health and hygiene trainings and medical check-ups, provided micro loans to the families of the schools’ children, and trained volunteer local teachers to teach conversationally-focused English to the children. Click here to learn more about our programs.

MCF is sponsoring child abuse prevention workshops in nine different villages through a partnership with Civic Society Initiative at the British Council.  MCF also is partnering with Myanmar Storyteller's Association to publish children's books in minority languages, such as Mon, Shan, Kachin and Rakhine.  With Hope International, MCF helped deliver income-generating training in jewelry making as well as teacher training for Kachin teachers.

The MCF mission statement:  We seek to cultivate the future leaders and professionals of Myanmar by empowering communities through education. We work with orphanages, schools, parents, communities and organizations that share goals of improved infrastructure, access to education, nutrition, and community engagement.

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