The N Street Cohousing common house. (2012-4)

619-740 N Street (houses)
716 N Street (common house)
(530) 758-4211

The N Street CoHousing is one of the more interesting community things in Davis. Years ago, about 10-12 houses on N Street all agreed to remove their backyard fences to create a private community area. They now have a common house, gardens, chickens, compost piles, a trampoline, and play structures for their children.

They request that prospective visitors contact them before visiting in person - after all, these are their homes.

If you are interested in visiting or living at N Street you can let them know here. If just generally interested in cooperative housing, there is also a shared applicant pool maintained by the Davis Cooperative Community Network (DCCN).

N Street hosts the Start Cooperative Housing workshops, in collaboration with DCCN.


Gardens behind the common house (2012-4) Common backyard (2012-4) Another photo of gardens behind the common house (2010)


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2011-09-07 13:43:01   I love the new community exchange (aka free pile) structure and I think it's a great idea to keep the items protected. I heard that the City of Davis is fining you all $500 a day for building it, though! I wonder if people can get together and ask the city not to do that... —SallyHensel