2880 5th St., Ste. 105; Davis, CA 95618
Weekdays Lunch 11:00 am - 2:30 pm, Dinner 5:00 pm - 9:00 pm
Weekends Lunch 12:00 pm - 2:30 pm, Dinner 5:00 pm - 9:00 pm
(916) 999-1113
Wheelchair Accessible
Price Range
Lunch $12.95
Dinner $17.95
Payment Methods
Cash, Check, Credit Cards, Other
Non Food Features
Big screen HDTV, No Wifi available

Nami Sushi is an All-You-Can-Eat sushi restaurant located in East Davis. It's a made to order style where you order rolls and nigiri. If you've ever been to Raku sushi in West Sacramento, the menu selections is rather similar. Nami sushi offers your standard variety of nigiri. They also include some hot appetizers like miso soup, gyoza, fried mussels, etc. Their dessert selection includes donuts, sesame balls, and fried bananas. Nami Sushi takes over the old place of Nobu Hiro.

Surprisingly, Nami Sushi has 3-4 rolls of sushi for vegetarians which are filled with ingredients like seaweed salad, so vegetarians can enjoy a little sushi too.

They do split checks.


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2014-09-03 17:47:54   In addition to the description, personal experience warns that sitting at a bar and telling the sushi chef order directly will sometimes result in orders being forgotten, because they don't write the order down. Service is also a little slow despite the restaurant not being fully packed, so I would be a little wary if the situation ever occurs. Sushi chef was pretty friendly, and the waitress did make sure out waters were filled. A lot of the rolls are just variations of each other with a few ingredients changed here and there so they tend to taste the same after eating a few. Check it out anyways, it's AYCE sushi. —DanTran

2014-10-23 10:11:58   Best AYCE sushi restaurant in town, IMO. Nami Sushi is great because all rolls are made to order and the plating of the dishes is always flawless. For an AYCE restaurant, the sushi fish to rice ratio is pretty good. The only drawback is that they do not serve sashimi, but you can order nigiri to your heart's content. I highly recommend their Spicy Scallop roll!

For those who are looking for something lighter or don't like sushi, they do have a separate menu with bento boxes. Sushi chefs and waitresses are all very friendly, and I have never had issues with forgotten orders (but I tend to go during non-peak hours). They have several sushi chefs and my personal favorite is the larger, taller gentleman with glasses. I have been several times since they've opened, and I suggest sitting at the bar for ease of ordering. If you're looking for an AYCE sushi restaurant, I highly recommend Nami Sushi! —MargaretWong

2014-11-08 17:34:04   For those that don't know, AYCE stands for "All You Can Eat" —jenb

2015-02-09 19:01:22   I've been here a few times. I would recommend it. A huge improvement over Nobu. —DavidGrundler