Nityananda Nanda Butler, a resident of Davis since his youth, died at 8:15 p.m at the age of 19 on December 3rd 1998. He was killed by a freight train near the intersection of L and 2nd streets and died of multiple traumatic injuries, the Yolo County coroner's office ruled. A friend who had safely passed over the tracks immediately before Nanda died, believes he was going to wait for the train to pass, but misjudged how close he was.

No one who ever knew Nanda will ever forget him. He was a passionate, artistic spirit who brought joy to everyone around him.

There is a myspace page dedicated to Nanda.

Nanda was rare. Here is a photo he took with my camera. I love you Nanda - Nanda's Mom - Jane Edberg


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2005-02-26 21:49:38   A few years back I was sitting on a baclony in Santiago de Cuba just pondering life. A memory wandered into my head of a conversation I had had with Nanda about traveling and seeing the world. I am not a religious person, but for some reason I was thinking to myself, "Nanda if you're out there give me a sign". No sooner than that thought had finished the biggest bolt of lightning hit a hill top across the bay I was admiring. Following the lightning the storm rolled in and it began to rain, a nice warm comforting rain. —JamesSchwab

2005-11-15 18:46:48   Nanda was a wonderful guy, always smiling, always happy, never fearful. I worked with him at Murder Burger the day he passed away, and I will always remember hearing that terrible news. We had talked that day about life, having fun, music and everything else you might imagine Nanda might like to talk about. Even though I only knew him very briefly I miss him still. Rest in peace my brother. —JeffSpeckles

I recently cut a comment from this wiki as it was outrageous, slanderous and disrespectful. The comment was a serious lie about me and my son. The comment was made by Presto Baraka. I do not know Presto Baraka. Who ever wrote the comment did not leave a real name or link. So some person falsely claimed to know my son as their school teacher and then went on to write some false claims about his behavior as a child which they inferred led to his death. This comment was hurtful and blatantly rude. Have some respect for the dead and for those whose loved ones have died. I hope you can open your heart and allow compassion to come in. Jane Edberg

Nanda was,(in my mind still "is") a dear friend of mine. He spent that last birthday with me and a couple friends up in Humboldt County. He and I had a combined total of $0.30 for his birthday blowout as he was turning 19 and of course that is a monumental day right?! So being the Geniuses we were-when put together, we spent all of our money on ....... (drumroll please)...... yes you guessed it, feeder fish from the pet store!! While one went into some gutter water another went into a drinking fountain and a third one ironically named "Solitare" went into a plant base outside of a coffee house in Arcadia. The trip up there was one of the most special times Did he ever mention finding the end of the rainbow? Well, we did just that, and the pot o' gold??!! Nowhere to be found. But no cash really nothing but 2 adolescent Minds determined to make the best out of what we have he and I sure did the make the best out of things. Many times not smart- many times very dangerous- many times living life to the fullest possible way life allows living. I often think to thia very day the only reason I'm alive is because I had to stay back when he left to go back to Davis. I could use your company and advice these days bud. You are missed and remembered more than you may have ever believed could be true. Arian, Jane, and Rachel, although we do not talk often, I feel very lucky to know you. And in all truth, I am truly happy that you know me.