There are a few methods of transportation used in and around the UC Davis campus. Most notably, these include bicycling, walking, longboarding, and bussing.

Throughout much of campus, driving motor vehicles is restricted or prohibited, unless you happen to be behind the wheel of an official vehicle. If you are, you probably already know this (unless you're on the run from the cops in a stolen ASUCD golf cart, in which case your attention should probably be focused somewhere other than the wiki). If you need to get on campus for some specific reason, they issue cards allowing you to swipe in through the gates. Once in, you can pretty much park anywhere, as you're assumed to be doing some sort of official business. If you do manage to park somewhere cool, just remember the magic words: "pics or it didn't happen."

Although many crosswalks exist, pedestrians should note that they are largely ignored by most bicyclists and official university vehicles. If a near-collision occurs, the pedestrian will often be verbally assaulted by the offender.

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I used to know the code to punch in. You could tell what the digits were, because thay were worn on the key pad. The staff lady who told me, said not to tell on her. Running over the plastic posts was pretty handy too. (Don't do it.) —Art