Nec Rho Omicron, by Micah Kolding, has been a comic in the California Aggie during the 2006-2007 school year. One of the few comics to truly master the intricacies of Greek Life on campus, it typically covers the fictionalized exploits of the local Nec Rho Omicron fraternity. In the strip, NRO is peopled by a variety of horror monsters - vampires, mummies, and wolfmen, oh-my! It also satirizes other facets of campus life, ranging from ridiculous bureaucratic practices, to curious academic policies.

A typical strip (April 20th, 2007's):

Caption: Men's Studies 1...

Vampire Sorority Girl: Professor, I feel that your logocentric teaching style favors logic over emotion and thusly puts women at an unfair disadvantage.

Professor: Hey, I've got a lot of very smart women friends who would resent that you just called them illogical. Now apologize to the ladies in this room who DO know how to read.

Vampire Sorority Girl: I... er... sorry.

Professor: Groovy. Now, the test tomorrow will be half "short answer" and half "how awesome do you look in a cowboy hat?"

NRO usually manages to convey humor in both its textual content, as well as its corresponding imagery.

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