Neighborhood Associations are typically formed by residents of a specific geographical area whose boundaries are determined by its constituents. The purpose of a neighborhood association is to provide an avenue by which residents can define a vision for their living space, protect their neighborhood from unwanted change by outside interests, form a communication link between neighbors, participate in a neighborhood watch program, and generally build community within the larger city community. Because healthy neighborhoods are in the best interests of the city, these organizations are often recognized by local governments and some assistance provided through appropriate governmental avenues.

Neighborhood associations can include renters as well as homeowners, but are often made up primarily of homeowners, given the short-term interests of renters — if you are a renter and are interested in participating in your neighborhood association, take the initiative and speak with your neighbors about being included in notices or establishing a neighborhood association. Oftentimes, associations will not distribute fliers in apartment complexes because of complex rules as well as concerns over wasting paper and funds.