Neighborhood Watch is neighbors watching out for one another. Some neighborhoods choose to have meetings and post signs. The signs tell anyone with malicious intent that they will probably be watched and police called. Neighborhood watch programs are facilitated by the Davis Police Department.

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Neighborhood watches, or "Community Policing" strikes me as rather dystopian, that the government doesn't even need to watch us, because we will TURN IN "suspicious" characters! —TobinJones

  • I think your perception of what a Neighborhood Watch is might be slightly inaccurate. First, I don't believe that it implies the "government doesn't even need to watch us." Rather, it's based on there being active police involvement. Second, while one's take on "suspicious characters" may indeed differ from one to another, I think it helps everyone when others report those who might commit a crime. Sitting out back my own porch, which is near campus, I see sketchy people casing apartments and cars all the time. Would you rather I not turn them in? —condemned2bfree