Jessica Rockwell, host

Jessica Rockwell
Time slot
Friday morning, 8:30 AM - 9:30 AM
KDVS, 90.3 MHz FM
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Neoism was a public affairs show on KDVS hosted by Jessica Rockwell from fall of 2007 through spring of 2008. Shows consist of interviews with people on various topics.

  • Burning Man - pre-recorded interviews of burners, live in-studio interview with Mark Chang. (this was 30 min on France's show, It's About You).
  • Croatia and the Breakup of the Former Yugoslavia - guest Danijel, visiting student from Croatia, mayor of an island in Dalmatia, and ex-soldier during the war of the early '90s.
  • Astronomy - Rachel of the UCD Astronomy Club discusses the club, recent lunar eclipse, the Perseid meteor shower, and the upcoming Aurigid meteor shower.
  • Labor Day Show - Union organizer Charles discusses labor day in the US, the history of the labor movement, and the AFSCME/SOC campaign to get Sodexho employees to become UC employees, as well as the role of unions in national politics. - (this was on France's show, It's About You.
  • Breakdancing - Three breakdancers who practice at UCD are interviewed on why they breakdance, its history, and their injuries. The music played was of tunes they break to.
  • The People's Vanguard of Davis - David Greenwald of the PVD discusses his online blog and the topics he's covered.
  • The Domes - Danielle Fodor discusses her thesis on the domes.
  • Critical Mass & Anti-Worker Legislation Supported by Democrats - People active in Critical Mass discuss the upcoming mass, why they're necessary, and your rights as a uni/bi/tri/quadri-cyclist. The second half of the show I'll discuss the anti-worker legislation that has been and continues to be supported by the Democratic Party.
  • US Cotton Subsidies - Mamadou, a visiting student at UCD, discusses how his country is harmed by US cotton subsidies. (this show may be in French).
  • Mumia Abu-Jamal - Jeff Mackler, Director of Mobilization to Free Mumia Abu-Jamal and National Coordinator of Mumia's Defense discusses Mumia's case.
  • Homelessness in Davis and Yolo County- Steve, of Homeless, American Indians, Gays & Lesbians, and Students joins me in the studio to discuss homelessness in Davis and Yolo County.
  • Art-Science Fusion Program - Diane Ullman and Donna Billick, discuss their undergraduate Entomology course. Murals from past class projects can be found by the arboretum and other places on campus as well as in the city.


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2007-08-29 20:14:37   Rock on, Jessica! Glad to see you've got a radio show... it's infectious, isn't it? —KarlMogel