In the early morning hours of October 13th, 2005, New Bean passed away. Through her life she had suffered many physical hardships and her endurance and strength — in such a small creature — impressed many.

New Bean
JabberWokky and SarahHillard
Sedate and friendly

New Bean was purchased from PetCo to be a companion mouse to Little Girl. In March 2005, the owners woke up to find that her rear half had been paralyzed. After a trip to Midtown Animal Clinic to see Mike Teglas, she was prescribed a daily dose of steroids via an oral syringe, which she took daily with an occasional squeak.

The next Monday, Mike called to see how she was doing, and again a few days later. She has most of her mobility back in one leg, and some in her other. This is totally due to the care by Midtown, Mike and Sarah. She is a happy, cute mouse.

She pees on everything.