This entry refers to a departed business that has closed or left town. All information here is for historical reference only.


825 Russell Blvd #34 (in University Mall)
Mon-Sat 9:30 am-7 pm
Sun 10 am-6 pm
(530) 757-2968
cell (530) 209-4783
John Lin
Joey, other chick
Jan. 2008

New Fashion Salon was replaced in early 2010 by U-Mall Hair and Nails. It was located inside University Mall next to Culpepper Used Books. The owner was John Lin, one of the previous owners/hair stylists at Kosmos Kreations Salon. He has cut hair in both Hong Kong and China. He has experience in Asian, American, and all other hair styles. According to the flyer he provides the "Best service, and lowest prices in Davis!!!"

A plus was that he gave out free drinks and snacks before 12. (According to the grand opening flyer circa Jan 2008.) It can get a little busy there sometimes, so call in for an appointment.

Price List: (see poster in photo)

Hair cuts $10 and up
Highlighting $45 and up
Perm $39 and up
Color $35 and up
Japanese Straightening Perm $100 and up
Eyebrow Wax $8 and up
Pedicure & Manicure $30
Facial $45

To learn about other businesses in Davis that provide professional aesthetic services, visit our Beauty Salons and Barber Shops page.


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2008-01-13 13:15:28   Since grand opening, I just went there, and have a try. I had highlight with my long hair. The guy only charged me with $60 including hair cut, I love his work. Unbelievable Price!!! Great Job!!! —Jennifer2005

2008-01-16 00:44:21   I have visited the Kosmos Kreations Salon since it open in 2005, and the owner Connie is still there. She has been my hair stylist for almost 3 years. so, it doesnt sound right and doesnt make sense!! Is there something wrong there? —Cici

2008-01-16 21:27:03   I went there today because I desperately wanted a new hairstyle. The wait was kind of long.. but it was my fault for not scheduling and appt. The guy (I don't know if he was John or not) was really good and cut my hair EXACTLY how I wanted it. I really love my new haircut. =D I'm so glad I went there today! I'm totally coming back! —Yer

2008-02-06 16:52:19   My friend and I got our haircuts a couple weeks ago and was very disatisfied with our cuts. The owner constantly served other customers first when we were the first ones there. During our cuts, he would stop and work on other customers...he always said "Just a fast cut," when in reality, it took him 15 mins. He also complained about our hair. —tree

2008-02-08 11:36:29   I had highlights done here and it only took him 15min to do them....very sloppy and left about an inch at my roots which is what i went in to get done at the first place. Complained that I had awful hair that needed to get cut just so that he could do it, I wouldnt let him. I was in there for three hours total because he just left me under a dryer forever while he worked on other people. Very rude man. I liked the lady that was there who helped him wash and dry my hair, but he was awful. DO NOT GO! —tgdavis

2008-02-20 20:46:12   i went to new fashion last week to get my haircut and i must say this is the best haircut i've got in davis so far. even when i went to SF or the bay area to get my hair cut, they always mess up my hair. but John did a great job and cut my hair exactly how i wanted it. and they price is really cheap too. Overall, good and fast service, excellent hair cut and price. i would recommend it to all my friends and i'm definitely only going there to get my hair cut! —alexvong87

2008-02-21 23:38:56   my friend went there and she made her entire family go had their hair cuts as well, the hair style was great, and the service was great, didnt take long to get their hair cut —erictou

2008-03-01 19:24:18   I used to get my hair cut at Kosmos Kreations before John Lin moved.I got my hair cut by him when he still had a 15% off promotion. I think he did a great job, I brought in a picture and he cut it to suit me. He spent quite some time on my hair, and he gave me tips on how to style it also. It was a great deal to get such a nice haircut for $10. The lady who washes hair and possibly does perms was a little annoying, she was adamant I needed my hair permed and dyed. I am so happy there is a salon at u-mall with a stylist I trust with my hair! —AmyTrinh

2008-03-05 22:01:07   I just got my eyebrows waxed here; the lady that did it was very nice and took care in her work. I'll be coming back here again. —kthrnngo

2008-03-22 16:28:04   My friend and I got our eyebrows done. Definitely not what I expected. The nice lady ripped off all of my brow hairs (after I asked her just to "clean" my eyebrows) and left me with a film of Vaseline all over my face and stray hairs stuck to my face and even on my shirt. —EmilyTung

2008-03-30 13:42:59   I have been having my hair cut by John since he worked at Kosmos and always be very satisfied with the high quality of his work. He always does a great work. That's why there's always costumers in his Salon. Another plus is that prices are very cheap. —HugoA

2008-03-30 14:04:29   Terrible!! I went in to get my haircut because I heard good reviews about this place. Bad idea! The man was soo rude! He kept urging me to look at the magazines I had when I had a picture of the haircut I wanted. When I tried to ask him about it, he said, "You don't know what I'm trying to ask you"! While he was cutting my hair, he went over to someone else to cut his hair and then he finally came back to me. My hair is so uneven right now and it does not look anything like the picture. Think twice if you really want a cheap haircut!!! —Ann

2008-04-25 14:08:39   DEFINATELY DO NOT GO HERE!!! John does not know what the hell he is doing and he even yells at his customers!!! He is unfair and does not care who was waiting first. He just automatically chooses whose hair he wants to cut. WORSE SERVICE ever. His hair cuts are horrible and he charges too much just to mess up people's hair! When he washed my hair after highlighting it, he forgot to take some of the foil off and so the color bled all over my clothes. He didn't even highlight my hair the color that was in his book. After 2 days all of the color washed away and he yelled at me just for asking if that was normal! Worse place to do your hair. I think if you want to get your hair done, you need to go to a professional and not here! —SurveySays

2008-04-28 09:57:54   i like this place, owner is friendly.. —kelvinkay

2008-05-10 23:26:52   I went with my roommate to get his haircut the other day. We got in about 15 minuetes before closing time, the barber was with another customer but they agreed to cut his hair. I say they did a good job, and it was cheap too. While I was waiting, the cashier offered me some candies, didnt presure me to get a cut myself or anything like that. Overall I would say friendly people, and a great price. —JimL

2008-05-19 15:32:45   Horrible!!! I went there to have my hair cut. All I want is to trim my hair a little. Originally I was planning to have John cut my hair, but he was out. The lady said she could cut my hair. I should have never given it a try !!! it turned out that the woman had not only ruined my hair, she ruined my day. She even threatened to call police because, she said I caused problem there. For God sake, what I said is that I don't like this, all I want is to trim my hair a little not to have a totally different looking. But it is too short now. The lady argues with me that she just trimmed it a little. and all the sudden throw anger on me. Even worse after she saw new customers coming, she left me and cut others hair and keep on talking how bad my attitude is, how should I go back home to treat my husband, my kids, my parents....such such. Horrible experience! Horrible!!! The very most Horrible woman I have ever met!

If you are not good at arguing, neither enjoy arguing, you’d better not go there. However, if you want to find out how a service provider yells, argures and finger point a customer, that is the place you can not miss.


The lady there does not possess any haircutting skill. She just bluntly chopped off the ends of my hair without even looking at the pic I brought in. When I asked for her to layer the ends and feather them, she nodded and chatted but didn't do it. By the time she was done, I was afraid to have her "fix" it so I just paid and left quickly, and then went home to fix it up myself. She also tried to pressure me into their other services. Maybe I'll go back to see if John can cut my hair (the cheap price is attractive, after all) but never to that woman. —SatomiNakajima

2008-06-12 14:54:19   I am an asian man with a simple hairstyle that admittedly is a bit out of date... but I've gotten my hair cut here twice by two different people (Danny and Joey I believe) and each time I've walked out happy because of the good haircut, conversation, and prices. Usually I go to Davis barber shop or Great Clips but not only was my haircut here better and perfectly in line with what I asked for, but it was also at least 5 dollars cheaper. Keep up the good work! These people are very friendly —DavidLiu

2008-09-08 15:51:13   I went to new fashion yesterday (Sunday) in the afternoon and there wasn't any wait. I got my hair cut by Joey. She was very friendly and suggested a nice hair style based on the shape of my face. I'm quite happy with my haircut, and it only costed me $20. I would suggest this place. —ilikegreen

2008-09-18 15:00:58   Lady is good at eyebrow waxing, but haircuts are questionable. —BessieChu

2008-09-19 00:13:38   All i have to say is that they used scotch tape for my french manicure...yeah, that's how bad it is. —meeSYLVIA

2008-09-29 16:13:55   I came here to get my hair trimmed and set up an appointment with John. Even with an appointment, I had to wait a while, which I wasn't happy about. John did an OKAY job... it wasn't excellent, but it wasn't horrible either. One thing I didn't like is that he cut my hair while it was completely dry, he didn't even mist it at all. On top of that, he cut it with the scissors vertical the entire time. I think both of these factors contributed to my hair being pretty imprecisely cut. It didn't look bad, but I think it would have looked much better if he had just cut it like a normal hairstylist. It's a decent salon with low prices, but there are much better places in Davis to get your hair cut and I won't be coming back here. —LisaNicole

2008-09-30 11:39:55   I had the worst haircut of my life here the other day. I'd previously gotten a haircut by joey, which was great but on Saturday is was another woman and she was terrible. I went with a friend, she got her haircut first, and it was terrible. I should have left, but I'd been waiting for awhile (even though we both had appts) so I stuck with it figuring it couldn't be so bad. It was. I have curly hair, so usually it doesn't matter, but she cut a lot off and she cut it awkwardly. Didn't even bother to ask what I wanted, didn't pay attention to anything. TERRIBLE TERRIBLE TERRIBLE! I've been wearing headbands all week, and will be for the next month or so until it's long enough to get re-cut. TERRIBLE. —FloridianPlywood

2008-10-04 14:54:47   I've been here a couple of times now. I always call to make sure John is cutting my hair otherwise I won't go in. He always charges to wash my hair and has some difficulty with it because it is curly, but with tip it still comes out to be ~$20. The last time I was there I told him "long in the front, short in the back" and when I tried to explain more, he cut me off with, "I know, I know, I know." I told him to not cut the front because I was trying to grow it out, but he still cut it 2". The haircut still looked good and was the shape I wanted, but I think he should have left the front longer as requested. My coworker and I have decided the Asian males know how to cut women's hair the best, and I'm pretty comfortable going back here again.

Watching other women get their eyebrows waxed, they seem pretty happy with the waxing lady. —froggyhi

2008-10-19 13:32:05   I went there this morning and had a haircut. The lady who cut my hair was acually okay (I am not sure if she is the one that everyone is talking about). However, I have a feeling that she is not good at American hair styles. I am a Chinese so actually I could communicate with her in Cantonese. —edwin2005hk

2008-11-24 01:00:53   I got my haircut by Joey couple month ago and i love it so much . she was so nice to me and cuts it by my face, she also gave me a new band ,all of my friend told me it looks so good on it's time for another haircut but i couldn't find Joey. i called and they said she is on vocation and the other lady who works there told me she could cut my hair and i gave her a try . that was the worst haircut on my life and she even talk something bad about Joey sounds like Joey won't be back to this salon after her vocation. i got so mad and she tried to fix for me but i refused. (I 'll keep check up to seeeeeeeee if Joey back from vocation) —umiky

2008-12-07 17:58:44   Just got a haircut here (2nd haircut by John, first time at NFS). I like it. If anything I think it's just the way he talks to strangers that turns people off, because he strikes me as kind of gruff, kind of like one of my friend's boyfriend. He took 15, 20 minutes (I don't know about anybody else, but I consider this fast), then asked me if I liked or not several times(come to think of it, that's what he and Connie did last time... they would keep asking stuff like "Are you sure?" and "Do you like it?" just in case). —RebekahLee

2009-01-21 17:35:43   Apparently they also do ear piercings here now ($18) for both ears... I'm kinda considering it, but I'm scared if anything would go wrong... any past experiences or suggestions for better places?


2009-01-25 03:11:49   i never been here, but i honestly wouldn't recommend getting your ears pierced here... they most likely use a piercing gun like most asian salons (piercing guns come with a certificate so no formal training). get it pierced at a actual piercing parlor like urban body or something. needles are much more sanitary and will not leave you wit a bump or risk of infection! trust me, i've tried both. —gato

2009-03-14 13:49:20   i just called the shop. AND THEY TOLD ME JOHN QUIT!!!! WTF were am i gonna look good now for the ladies ?!?!? i need to know where is he working now. —Alekhine

2009-04-22 14:30:09   BAD. I went in for a root touch up . At the time I was blonde (im a naturally dark haired latina. Lynn (the stylist) bleeched all of my hair not just the roots and she insisted it was necessary. She fried my hair and didn't put color over the bleech just toners. I was there for over three hours because the toners did nothing. Then she said she'd fix it with lowlights (which were way too orange) lastly I asked for some long layering and she gave me an awful haircut (one of those short multilayers that only work on straight asian hair). She originally quotes me at $45 and at the end she asked for $110. I didn't want to give her another chance so I went to Karen at About with hair and she gave me the works fr $75 and she also uses a natural toner that covers up bleech and her conditioning system is the best. Lastly, never ever go here for color...they used the worst/ost damaging permanent colors and bleech. The bleech used on me ruined most of my hair and the stylist stained my shirt and she claimed it would be okay once I washed it. PLEASE ladies if you treasure your locks do not go there! —ucdruby

2009-04-22 14:34:21   Another BAD experience. Jon ca be very rude. When I was there he was working on another lady and he kept leaving to go smoke. He left her color on too long and it was way darker than she wanted. She was upset and he kept yelling at her. Another ting, for what I paid I didn't like that I had to give up my seat and sit in the waiting area so the stylist could work on other people at the same time. BTW a classmate of mine went there too and she has the same complaints about the haircut.

Better places to go: About with hair (Karen) The hair saloon and Angie' s —ucdruby

2009-04-26 22:05:17   Alekhine: It seems that he's running a pedicure or something because he doesn't like the way a hair salon works (working for hours, nonstop, standing around). He doesn't work hands-on anymore, either. —RebekahLee

2009-05-03 22:30:01   My hair DID NOT look like the picture that i brought. also, as soon as other customers came in, the woman almost stopped caring about doing my hair. I was just like uhhh... hello? do not go here. and $10 and up means it can go howmuchever they want the price to be. my brother's haircut was like 20 or something when it was really bad, and also my hair was like 25-30 (can't rmr exactly how much) but it was not worth 25-20 bucks. —rubi

2009-05-21 21:05:07   this place is going downhill. there is a new guy that looks totally ghetto, i dont think he has ever cut hair before. shit. —Alekhine

2009-06-29 13:29:26   Has John really left? I liked it when he cut my hair. It always turned out nice and he would give advice on what to do given my specific hair type. —FlowerCindy

2009-06-30 23:04:46   Wow, then prices have really gone up, because I went right before John 搬出去 and I was charged, like... 18? I thought that was a lot but I gave them the full 20 'cause he did a good job. —RebekahLee

2009-09-06 21:30:45   The guy left to do massage therepy (good cuz he was rude anyway). The lady is really nice but she just choppes hair off and it doesn't look like the picture at all. —GuavaLava

2009-12-11 10:42:53   If this place is supposed to open at 9:30 they are never here until 11 am or later. —bg-33p

2010-02-17 07:58:15   I'm seriously so sad that John's gone. He's been cutting my hair since I was a freshman and he still worked at Kosmo's. I believe he told me last year he was opening a new shop somewhere on 3rd St. in Sac. He would always charge me only $15, knew me by name, and knew my regular cut. I was NEVER disappointed with any of his cuts (and I never found him rude). I went here earlier this summer for a cut and that's when I found out he was no longer working there...but I needed a cut really badly since my hair was getting long. I was sent to a younger Asian lady and she seriously was complaining about my hair the entire time. FYI, I have long straight Asian hair! She basically just razored my hair and I didn't realize how bad the cut was until I got home. It didn't even look different except for the fact that it was so damn thinned out! I wasn't about to go back to her though. I ended up going to Roxie at David's Haircutting (she has her own salon now) and although she is pricy, she did an awesome job. John, if you're reading this, COME BACK PLEASE! —syang

2010-10-20 00:26:07   I went to get my hair cut today, and they were AMAZING! Friendly people. I loved my haircut and the lady was really nice . I only waited about 1 minute. Will definitely go there again. —beewong