514 3rd Street , between D and E Streets
9am-6pm everyday (some holiday exceptions)
Web Page
Terence & Janis Lott
April 1989 (first established 1986)


The public access computer terminal that is no longer available Like any good newstand should, Newsbeat offers a large selection of newspapers, magazines, greeting cards, candy, snacks and tobacco products. If you're looking for newspapers or magazines, especially more counter-culture leaning ones, Newsbeat has the best selection in Davis. They usually have the most recent copy of 2600. They also carry a lot of Jones Soda flavors along with Jones Juice products (so yummy!). Their ice cream case holds multiple flavors of It's Its ($1.25), a rarity in this town of ours. Purchasers of drippy or messy food items are offered a napkin from a tupperware container at the time of sale.

They have a pretty good selection of tobacco products, including certain products that aren't available in other stores. They also have a small selection of international candies like Cost Plus World Market does. Janis & Terence, the owners, are also a great source of information on all kinds of things community oriented, such as dogs, Davis City Council happenings, low income housing issues, the local slow food movement and opera! Well behaved dogs are welcome and can pick up a treat from the front desk.

Some notable interesting candies they carry are Ritter Sport Candy Bars, Idaho Spud Bars and imported licorice.

StevenDaubert reports that the one thing in Newsbeat that is frowned upon is opening the newspapers that are for sale. According to Janice it makes them look all bad and wrinkly.

Sacramento was home to Newsbeat's sister store. It closed in November 2011.


Read a story about Newsbeat in Davis Life Magazine.


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2005-07-06 20:31:08   The employees are friendly, and don't mind people standing around, reading the magazines without purchasing anything! Newsbeat also sells softdrinks and water at a cheaper price than some other places. —SiennaGrass

2005-09-22 22:32:56   The Violet Crumbles are great. —NickSchmalenberger

2005-11-21 11:15:50   The computer used to run Linux with KDE and Konquerer, but at some point it got switched to Windows (2k?) with Firefox. For a long time with w2k it was really slow, but it seems better now. —NickSchmalenberger

2005-11-30 22:35:38   I've always really liked this place. They stock all sorts of interesting international policy journals. —GrahamFreeman

2006-01-01 21:19:30   I can't say enough good about the place. It's one of the truly *good* things about Davis. Thoughful help, interesting music, great stock of magazines, papers and candy. I've lived in the east bay for years and there's only a couple of newsstores that are as good as Newsbeat. Again, excellent place. —GrumpyoldGeek

2006-05-16 11:28:44   This is, without doubt, my favorite store in Davis. Newspapers, magazines, candy, cigars . . . what more could you ask for? The owners are really nice. My wife took our cocker spaniel there the other day and they were really cool with him. We sometimes get nervous because he can be a little protective on his leash. Everything worked out fine, however. Every small business should aspire to operate like Newsbeat. —AdamSchneider

2007-07-05 14:54:24   This place has all kinds of cool shizzle, from munchies to magazines to random gifts and stuff. They are nice to everyone too (it is getting so hard to find nice people these days). It's cool that they let you bring in your dog too. —UncleBob

2008-03-08 21:29:35   Mmmmm...candy, sweet sweet candy... —SunjeetBaadkar

2008-08-11 22:39:08   I love a good newsstand, and this is a very good one. I always find an excuse to visit...at least 5 or 6 times per week. Nice crew and a great selection of everything. I pretty much buy all of my magazines, newspapers and cards at Newsbeat, now (and I can't get enough of the Ambrosoli Milk-N-Honees). —DukeMcAdow

2008-08-12 15:05:12   This is the only place I go to for a quick snack item cause its all so cheap for what you get. I personally love the glass bottles of Pepsi from here; it just tastes different. They also sell those large bottles of unsweetened iced tea for less than $2. Mmmm...iced tea... —SunjeetBaadkar

2008-12-17 15:14:12   Ahhh.... I like this store. They are extremely pleasant and helpful when you reach them by phone. They will sometimes hold in-high-demand periodicals and publications for you if you ask!! —AnnieSirrah

2008-12-17 19:02:07   I love this place. Great selection of chocolate, both imported and domestic, lots of good stuff to read, and friendly people behind the counter who learn your name and remember you. And give your dog a snack. :-) I try to frequent this place when I can. It's one of the things that makes the Davis downtown special. —CovertProfessor

2009-04-27 12:35:39   I like to support small businesses in Davis and come to Newsbeat whenever I want a newspaper or magazine. It's fun to browse the wide selection of publications. Terrence and Janis are very knowledgeable. Last year I developed an interest in opera and saw Terrence perform in the Sacramento Opera's production of Carmen. Terrence is always happy to answer my questions and helped me find a good opera magazine. I visited their Sacramento store during a Second Saturday Art Walk to get something to drink. Janis answered my questions about the local art galleries. —nowhereman

2009-05-24 12:55:29   These guys are great. They will go out of the way to help you find what you want, even if they don't carry it. Popular wisdom holds that the internet is wiping places like this out, but the internet has nothing on the personalized, knowledgeable, and friendly service you get at Newsbeat. —jsogul

2010-04-26 00:22:36   seems like everyone really likes this place, i had a really weird experience here though with an employee/(owner?). as i saw it, a blonde lady was behind the counter ready and willing to help me pick out a pencil. i asked if she had any other pencils excpt the expensive smell-good kind, and she said "only the mechanical ones." so i said "oh! how much are those?" to which she rudely replied "I DONT KNOW." *long awkward pause* then looked at me straight in the eye and (very rudely) told me, "im counting this mans change. for a 100 dollar bill." kind of treating me like a 5 year old? (im 24). maybe she favored him because he obviously had some $$$ and i was looking for the cheapest pencil i could find? i dont know. it was really awkward. so i said "oh! sorry. go ahead." then she started counting back change to a man next to me and said to the man "sorry, i was interuppted half way through." the man didnt seem to mind and i think he felt awkward too.

i whispered "oooooook" under my breath and walked out.

i get interuppted by customers all the time at my job but i just say "hang on one sec" and im not a d about it. —Lala

  • You might have just caught her on an off-moment, as she is usually quite nice, as the other employees of Newsbeat are. But it happens to all of us to have those moments. But still, I gotta wonder why you are offended that someone might treat you impolitely when you first interrupted them? No offense intended, just curious. —SunjeetBaadkar

2010-04-27 23:33:28   i just thought it was strange(/rude) that i obviously didnt mean to interrupt her, i said sorry and thought nothing of it, yet she seemed to grab hold of the incident and rub it in my face. not offended though, just felt like there was maybe more rubbing to be done had i stayed longer. —Lala

2010-09-25 23:53:10   Newsbeat is bomb. Lots of very cool things to browse/buy in here such as a great selection of magazines, black licorice, cool sodas, gifts and cards, smokes etc. The one thing about this place that is bad news for me is that they pretty much only sell sweets and not any salty/crunchy/savory snacks. Yeah they have one tiny rack of yucky potato chips but that's it. Why can I get pez or an It's It and not some jalapeno chips or something? —soledad101

2011-02-23 10:51:01   Great for sodas and magazines, not so great for cigarettes (in case anyone is wondering). WAY more expensive than the Fast & Easy Mart at the South Davis Chevron (5.75 for a pack of Djarum Black cigars vs. 4.99 at the Chevron, 8.28 for Dunhill Menthols vs. 6.39 at the gas station). —rrenati

2011-06-01 19:13:51   Best selection of foreign, fashion and foreign fashion magazines. And cooking and photography! Plus they have a lot of nice stationary and cards than the university bookstore. Always very helpful and pleasant customer service. —MelannieLavarias

2011-09-05 22:56:07   Went into this store for the first time ever on Thursday. The greeting cards on display drew me in. I fell in love immediately. Bought a Q-blue pencil case and a card. I will definitely be a repeat customer. —MarisolG