In DCTV building
Broadcasts live on Channel 15 every Saturday night from 6pm - 8 pm.
Simulcasts on KDRT 95.7 (dependent on musical content, i.e. no swear words in lyrics)
(530)757-2419 (DCTV's phone number)
Cliff Gamble
Volunteers are always welcome and if you or anyone you know is interested on crewing on this show/volunteering in some way, please contact Cliff. In order to volunteer, you need to prove that you have been trained in the skills required to volunteer and for that information, contact Jeff Shaw or anyone else at the DCTV office

I have only crewed on Nexus Stage for the past year so I don't know much about the show's history. I'm sure Cliff Gamble will fill in the details later.

However, I will say that musicians are always welcome to contact Cliff via the station phone number and book a gig.

The crew is small, but generally pretty enthusiastic and should any technical difficulties arise, Cliff can figure out pretty much anything, and the stuff he can't figure out, Morgan probably knows.

An example of the interesting instruments sometimes played on Nexus Stage:

The studio also has equipment that can be used, like these microphones for example:

A few notes for musicians who are interested in playing on Nexus Stage. Cliff borrows some equipment from Watermelon Music and sometimes provides his own equipment if necessary. Usually most musicians/performers bring certain materials like extra microphones, speakers and other equipment that I don't know the names of.

In the event that a musician/person books a date to perform on Nexus Stage and circumstances arise which prevent performance on the scheduled date/time, it would be greatly appreciated, if you can notify Cliff in advance of a cancellation or potential problems. Cliff does not require advance notice of cancellations but it is a nice and polite thing to do if possible

Musicinans/performers are always welcome to play on Saturday nights and advance scheduling is suggested though not required since there are some Saturday nights when no one is scheduled to play. On those nights, anyone who wants to can stop by the studio and jam for a while. There is a good chance that Cliff will have some equipment at your disposal and if you can bring your own, that is even better. These sessions can be shown/aired live if they occur between 6-8 pm or they can be taped and broadcast at a later date.

The studio itself is somewhat small compared to other venues so audience size is limited though this depends on the amount of space taken by the musician/performer(s) and the amount of room the camera people require to move around and get shots. In addition to the studio, there is also standing/sitting room outside the studio, where the parking lot is located. It is really great when there is an audience because I think it energizes the performer(s) and makes the show a bit more interesting.

Props are also welcome since they can provide the camera people something interesting to shoot and the switchers/director (Cliff) different objects on which to layer shots of individual musician members/groups. As long as the props don't take up more room than the musician, they are cool.

I will try to update this page with more pictures from future shows.

This show was never meant for bands. It was an open jam session for musicians, and bands were never allowed. After the founder left, bands were allowed to participate, thus destroying the original intent of the program.