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Vanessa Silva and Karina Morales
July 2007

On January 29, 2015, it was announced that Nina's had relocated to downtown Sacramento. http://www.davisenterprise.com/business/japanese-fondue-dips-into-davis-scene/  No information about what stylists would be staying with the studio was included.

After a lifelong dream of owning her own salon, Vanessa Silva and her sister, Karina Morales, opened Nina's Studio in August of 2007. Nina's Studio is a full service beauty salon offering hair, and tanning services . This locally owned professional beauty salon specializes in making their clients feel good, and making sure everyone leaves feeling just as beautiful as they look.  

Professional Hair Designers (PHD)

  • Vanessa Silva- Owner/Redken Certified Color Specialist
  • Karina Morales- Owner/Certifies Tanning Specialist

Feel free to stop by and check out the beautifully renovated building, meet the team and receive a free consultation.

Nina's Studio worked in conjunction with the Student Fashion Association as part of the department of Textiles and Clothing on their 2010 annual fashion show. Nina's did the hair and make-up for the models.



*To learn about other businesses in Davis that provide professional aesthetic services, visit our Beauty Salons and Barber Shops page.

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    2009-03-20 14:17:47   I can't believe there's no comments for Vanessa Silva yet. She was my hair stylist for years before i started working for her and now she has become such a good friend and i will continue to come back long after i have graduated from UCD. She has a great personality and leadership skills to run one of the best salons in town. She encourages everyone at the salon to continue their education and stay informed on new styles and fashion trends. She has personally challenged herself to pursue the REDKEN color certification and approaches all color jobs in an artistic manner and personalizes your hair for what works best with your personality, hair texture, head shape, etc. She takes the time to explain what's she's doing and teaches her clients how to maintain their hair after leaving the salon. I have very difficult curls and Vanessa has taught me to love my hair by suggesting new cuts and showing me how to style it on my own. —curlycueJEB

    2009-04-08 14:34:30   Vanessa is the best! She absolutely saved my hair due to a previous color job. I have never had so many good comments on how my hair looks now and I cannot be more satisfied with the service there everyone is really nice and never stuck-up like other salons in Davis. And as far as pricing goes, if I had just gone to Nina's first I probably would have spent less than going elsewhere and then having to get it fixed. —rnavarro1988


    2009-06-16 10:51:52   Hi! This is MARJAN. I am no longer at Ninas. I moved to Style Lounge. The address is 803 2nd Street, above Pasta? Restaurant.

    I still provide the following services:






      To make an appointment you can call me @ 530-220-5125 or 530-756-6666 —marjan

      2009-07-01 10:05:12   LOVE LOVE LOVE Nina's Salon! I personally see Justin and he always hooks up my hair and has never led me astray. I am not that into popular styles, but after just giving him background on how much time I would want to have to invest in my hair every day, he gave me a style to fit! Have had my hair colored as well..always great. Have had friends have appointments with other stylists (Justin gets busy!) and they have never had a bad cut or experience. Also, I only have to go about every three months because the cuts always last and keep looking great even as my hair grows (obviously, I don't have a short cut!) Highly recommend. —JudyS

      2009-07-22 14:05:20   I got my hair cut here a couple of weeks ago, and am VERY happy with the result. Vanessa cut my hair, and I was really impressed that she actually paid attention to the way my hair looked before she started cutting. Unlike most hairdressers, she noted (without me saying anything) that I have natural waves, and she worked with my hair rather than against it. Most hairdressers, it seems, just assume I will straighten the shit out of my hair so they cut my hair accordingly, and my hair looks horrible when I wear it naturally. Vanessa cut my hair so that I can pretty much wear it without any product, and gave me a couple of hints too (none of which required more than a tiny bit of product). Plus no one tried to get me to buy any fancy product from the shelves, which I appreciated. All in all, the shampoo, cut and style cost $55. —Kiran

      2009-08-28 13:55:47   We were walk ins and came for a hair cut. We were seen pretty quickly and Ali did an amazing job. Probably the best hair cut we've ever had. Ali, you rock. We'll be back. —toriac

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      2009-08-29 15:17:32   I just had my hair cut and highlighted by probably the best stylist in Davis. Julee ROCKS! I hated my hair and she had some great suggestions and my hair looks great! She was super friendly and very knowledgeable. I will be going back for sure and telling everyone about her! Thanks Julee! —mashelly

        2009-08-29 15:36:25   I have always gone to see Julee to get my hair done and I have never been dissapointed. I am always 100% satisfied with my hair and my friends are always jealous! I am not very creative when it comes to describing what I want but somehow she always gets my hair exactly how I want it! Keep it up Julee and I'm sure I will be seeing you again soon! —bluedevilchu

          2009-09-15 15:25:22   Just had a cut with Ian and I look amazing! I had (stupidly) decided to trim my own hair, and (not surprisingly) butchered it. Ian blended all my thick, long layers back together and made me beautiful again and he even opened the door for me when I left! He's a total sweetheart who looks like a bad a$$ and he's my hero today! —ElisaWeller

          2009-12-13 14:09:38   I've been to a lot of hairstylists from LA to NY and have never had my hair done so professionally as I have with one of Nina's stylists Julee Villanueva. She does amazing color and her cuts are so easy to style... one very talented lady... —LOUBOB

          2009-12-31 12:00:10   I had a full facial by Jackie the other day—It was lovely!! She is thorough, very gentle and adds a wonderful arm and hand/shoulder massage in addition. The products use (Dermatologica) gave me results I have been very happy with—great scents too. I loved the tranquil decor and music—made it all sooo relaxing and delightful. Great job Jackie. I want to come back!

          Vannessa is the bomb! I love this gal—she takes the extra effort and time to fully utilize her natural, blessed talent-. I so appreciate her skill and professional wisdom. Thanks Vanessa-I love what you do to my hair-keep up the fantastic work!

          I had a manicure/pedicure by Mai as well (great day!) Pedi soak could have been warmer, but I appreciated Mai's warmth and efficiency. She knows her stuff and does a very nice job.


          2010-02-25 21:20:22   Today i called and got right in with Marnie. Shes the BEST! I needed a LOT of color correction and a haircut. She did both in no time and my hair looks amazing! I will be back for sure. This salon is very nice and their staff is lovely. LOVED IT. ***ask for marnie...she'll take care of you! —amelianeedham

          2010-03-18 18:09:43   I have gone to see Amanda a few times and she is great! My hair was in shambles from over-bleaching and dying from previous salons and my own attempts at dying my hair, but Amanda gave me alot of advice and offered treatments to make my hair better. I never felt like she was trying to sell me anything, more just looking out for me and the well-being of my hair. The atmosphere is nice and Amanda works around my schedule to make sure I can get my hair done, she did it at 7:30 on a Saturday morning once and came to the salon early! I have never been disappointed and I would definitely recommend this salon. —cj2012aggie

          2010-03-22 14:18:12   Every once in a while I want a new look so I go to Vanessa. What I appreciate the most is that she will walk me through the pro and cons of the new color or style. We will discuss how the style will compliment my face, how much time I should expect to spend on styling it, and what products I will need to use for that salon finished look. I had tons of compliments as a brunet with an inverted bob. —TorresV

          2010-04-13 13:31:03   LOVED IT!!!!! I have super difficult hair (frizzy, wavy, and thick) to work with. Stylist Vanessa Silva found a way to tame it and make it look amazing every time. She customizes her haircuts and styling techniques to accompany the texture of your hair. Not to mention her profound coloring skills. She's the only stylist I know who is redken certified.... and it shows! She found the perfect redish color that looks bright but not too intense. The price was reasonable for how much time she put in and, not to mention, the final product. The style she gave me is easy to maintain and style on my own, especially since I do not put a lot of time into preparing and styling my hair daily.

          Ever since my first experience with Vanessa 3 1/2 years ago, I have kept going back! I highly recommend her to anyone!!!!!!!!!!! —MissAmyLu

          2010-05-13 14:51:19   My fiance and I both went to Justin yesterday and had a WONDERFUL experience. My fiance's hair can be a bit unruly as it's filled with (adorable) cowlicks. Justin crafted a cut that looks fantastic on my fiance and is very easy to care for! I went in later in the day and am VERY happy with the cut I got. We'll definitely be going back. —HelenDahlberg

          2011-07-02 11:52:46   I just had my hair done by Erica and she did a wonderful job, I will definitely be going back! —WikiChiki

          2012-03-17 14:05:04   Ian cut my hair. Do not go to Ian!

          He complained the whole time about his allergies and the fact that he hadn't had enough sleep or eaten all day. I should have run away.

          I specifically asked that my hair be trimmed evenly with no layers. He said he would take an inch off. LIAR!!! He took off at least four inches in some places and there are layers all over the place. He said as he was cutting, "These aren't really layers." Well, he needs a lesson, then, because they most definitely ARE layers! Not only that, it's completely uneven because he cut my hair with it parted in the middle and then asked where I part it. I'm so angry! Not only did he not do what I want, now I have to go to someone who knows what they're doing to get it fixed. —MelissaMelissa

          2012-09-04 16:51:37   So after one of my coworkers suggested Nina's Studio to me, I tried to stop by to check it out before I made an appointment. Check out the prices/hair dressers etc. I planned to go on Sunday. I guess I should have realized they might be closed, but their hours just say 10-6, so I figured that meant every day. Nope. Closed on Sundays. I accepted this and decided to come back another time. I got off work early today, September 4th. I showed up at 3:45 PM. There was a note on the door saying they were gone and would be back at 4PM. I was starting to feel like either I shouldn't get my hair cut or maybe just not here. I decided to wait anyways. After half of an hour of waiting, it was 4:15 PM and still no one had showed up. Finally a guy biked up and walked in, immediately came back out, locked the doors and left. I went to check if he changed the note to a different time. NOPE. Still said "be back at 4). So that's when I decided I give up on this place.. they seem to have more important things to do than cut hair, so I will go elsewhere.


            2012-10-17 11:12:29   I have been going to Nina's studio for years, and absolutely love this salon- specifically Vanessa Silva is absolutely amazing. I have unusual curly hair, and have always had difficulties with hairdressers not knowing how to handle it. Vanessa is a master of curly hair- she is very good at making recommendations with attention to details such as face shape, part, glasses, etc., and is very conscious about hair maintenance and individual style. She has also introduced me to highlights, and has been amazing about making recommendations without being pushy. I've referred friends to her (both with straight and curly hair), and we all agree that she's best hairdresser we've ever had. You will be surprised at what a difference an experience with someone like her can make in terms of the quality of a haircut. I may be moving to San Francisco, and I would seriously consider driving back to Davis for a haircut with Vanessa. Even if you could find a hairdresser in San Francisco with her skills, I bet the cut would cost several hundred dollars. —hapinen