Ths page is for archiving comments from 2008 for Nina's Studio.

2008-03-15 11:57:14   Deanna's my girl! I have never had someone give me better highlights and cut. It was exactly what I wanted. She was also so nice and personable, all other stylists I have been to at other salons just kinda make the small talk but even though I have never met her before, Deanna and I chit chatted like friends for the 3 hours I was there. I will definitely be back to see her. It is a bit expensive but worth every penny. I am also looking forward to making an appointment with Vanessa to get a facial and some waxing! Highly recommended. —Chelsie

2008-05-24 13:21:24   I just went in for the first time today and had a great experience. My appointment was at 10am and it strarted right away, and I was done at 11am. Alli did a great job on my hair (which hadn't been cut in 3 years!). I told her that I wanted a cut that would help my natural curls, but one that would also look good straight. I had a lot of damage to my hair, but I still wanted it long. She was able to give me a cut that satisfied all of those things. She listened to what I wanted and also gave good advice and suggestions. No product was ever pushed on me, and she didn't make me feel obligated to have anything other than what I wanted done. I'm very happy with my experience, and I recommend going to Alli. —RG

2008-05-26 23:32:57   I just got my hair cut with highlights, and it looks fantastic! Tricia Wilson totally took care of me and went above and beyond. I love going to her because she is fun to talk with any lets you talk too - you know how some stylists just blab on and on, or they make you feel uncomfortable because they are silent? Totally not the case with Tricia, she is friendly and sincere. As far as my hair goes - I have received so many compliments on it!! So not only will you have a great experience, you will have a great haircut too. =) Highly recommended - Tricia is the best!! —BridgetGJ

2008-05-30 16:09:44   I just got a haircut from here and i LOVED it. I have long, black and dry hair. I called in the morning when they were opened and they were able to schedule an appointment for me two hours later. I had Bianca and she was really good. I was looking to keep most of the length on my hair and add some medium and long layers for body and lift. She gave me exactly what I was looking for which was a structured layered cut with a more squared frame (rather than a V-like shape) for my hair. I made the mistake of not letting her know that I wanted more gradual layers so I had medium and then long layers without much length in between but it still came out looking really nice. She did a really good job and took her time even though it seemed like she had a lot of other things she had to take care of. (She was mentioning something about errands she had to do in Woodland) She was super friendly and was really easy to talk to and answered my questions about how to make my hair stronger and keeping it moisturized properly. I would really recommend this place and would go back again. Price of cut was $50 without gratuity. —Mindy

2008-07-11 18:22:31   I had a custom colored weave done by Ally Gastineau. She did a fantastic job on creating my perfect summer hairdo! Turned out absolutely amazing. She was very nice and polite (along with the rest of the staff). And the tanning was very reasonably priced. I will definitely go back in for an appointment in the near future.... —AmyLu

2008-08-05 22:25:45   I am very glad to see love on here for Deanna! I can't comment on any other stylist but since moving to Davis from LA (hello culture shock) I can safely say that Deanna could work in any major city and in any salon, she rocks!!!!! —LFHR

2008-09-09 11:40:46   I started going to Ian back when he was at Tangles, and I followed him to Nina's because I leave happy every time. I highly recommend him; I have always gotten great cuts and fantastic color. He is really easy to talk to, and he can always works with what I want with great results. I have longer hair, and the layers he does grow out really well each time. He has tons of happy reviews on the Tangles page. Try him out, you'll be glad you did! :) —nicolek

2008-09-15 21:54:46   I was a regular for Marjan's eyebrow threading before I had to move to SF in August. Oh, Marjan! How I miss her so. The last time she threaded me (without knowing it was the last, as I was too cowardly to tell her) she made my eyebrows perfect. Marjan <3. —ThuHo

2008-10-15 16:34:15   It was my first time getting my haircut at Nina's Studio and I ended up walking out with the best haircut I have ever received. I highly recommend Marjan

She did SUCH a great job on my hair, and took her time to make it look perfect. I needed a cut that would allow my waves to look healthy (not dry and half straight), which is exactly what she did. I've had many complements on my haircut and I'm glad I scheduled it with Marjan! _beabeck22

2008-10-17 16:34:15   This is my first time having a haircut at Nina's. I also had a brow threading with Marjan. the treading looked fine. The haircut and styling was a disaster, the bang is so flat and sticked to my forehead. I will never get haircut with her again. :< —scplm

2008-10-31 19:58:46   SO UNPROFESSIONAL!!!! they made an appointment with me and when i showed up (on time, mind you), the esthetician had already left!!! they were barely apologetic and offered nothing in the way of compensation for my wasted time. LAME AND RUDE, DO NOT RECOMMEND. besides, if the chick behind the counter is any indication of how they style hair/eyebrows there, THANKS BUT NO THANKS. —sheila65

2008-11-04 09:04:22   I have been going here since it opened, and have seen at least three different people for my cut and color. It always has been great! Everyone seems very educated. I highly recommend this salon for cuts and colors. —megankris

2008-11-26 10:16:02   I just transferred to Davis this quarter and was super nervous about going to a new stylist but I knew I had to take the chance so I went for it. I had my haircut by someone, I won't name bash, and I left very unhappy. I left a message for the salon to call me the next morning and they did right when they opened. I was lucky enough to be able to get in with Allie who had had a cancellation and she really helped and made the best out of a bad haircut. All I can do now is wait for my hair to grow back to fix it. When I do go back I will definitely see Allie again! —Nessa