This page is for archiving comments from 2007 for Nina's Studio.

2007-09-10 14:26:37   One day I called Allure to set up a hair coloring appointment with Jessica, and, suddenly - Nina's Studio was there instead! With some trepidation, I decided to go there for my hair coloring anyway. Deanna listened carefully to what I wanted and my color came out great. The inside has had a much-needed facelift and has a warm, trendy look instead of the tacky pink decor of Allure. I can't comment on their cuts as I only had a trim, but I will definitely go back and ask for Deanna. —AngelBug

2007-09-29 15:14:04   All the employees at this studio previously worked at Roxie's on 2nd and D. They are all very experienced and very nice. They have everything at the new salon: hair, nails, waxing, and tanning! I would highly suggest to check it out! —curlycueJEB

2007-11-10 17:48:04   Be sure you ask the price of the service before you have them do anything. I got coloring with lowlights and a light trim and almost fainted at the $250 charge. I figured no way would it be even half that, so I didn't ask when I booked the appointment. My hair looked nice but the color was hardly any different than the one-color Redkin product Allure used to use on my hair, for $55. —NotSure

2007-11-18 11:25:45   I go in. The staff is polite, and they generally leave me be to tan. Absolutely perfect. —Casey

2007-11-24 14:03:05   I called Nina's in a pinch a couple of weekends ago because my regular stylist was not available. I had a cut and highlight with Deanna. She was great. Really personable and professional and gave me the best cut I've had since moving to Davis 2 yrs. ago. The color is great too- very natural. I will definitely be going back! —Ginger