Luftvolks VW club originated in Southern California by a few grease monkeys who frequented a local speed shop. Tired of the all show no go mentality of the existing clubs in the area, they began the process of starting a "mechanics only" club. Since the other local clubs would not allow you to join unless your car was "finished", then went about charging dues and harassed you about mandatory weekly meetings, Luftvolks vowed to be different. We charged no dues, had no mandatory meetings, your car did not have to have paint or even run! Given the other clubs had beautiful restored cars, the kicker was they did not do any of the work themselves but paid for someone else to built it for them. For us the joy of owning an old car is spending countless hours disassembling, cleaning, polishing, repairing, rebuilding, modifying our vehicles, regardless of what others thought, and taking pride in what you have built with our own hands.

During the summer months members would meet weekly at someones garage and help with the building of what ever project was at hand. Motivated by BBQ and beer the projects went quickly and one by one cars were completed. Since the vehicles varied from stock restorations to all out drag racing, the various skill sets shared by the members were enough to tackle any project. Age ranges for members were from 15-50 and mainly a family affair, we would frequent local swap meets, drag races, car shows and the like sharing our passion for the "ol bugs".

Through out the years members have come and gone, grown up and grown old but one thing stays the same, once bitten by the "bug" you cannot get it out of your blood.