viewed through a bike trailer window

555 East 14th Street surrounded by Community Park

Sarah Roseen

(530) 757-5475
Office Hours
8am - 4pm M - F
School PTA
School Garden
one of the Schools in the DJUSD

Their mascot is the dolphin. The Academic Index Performance (API) rose again from 903 to 908, making North Davis one of three elementary schools in Davis to score over 900 on this statewide measure. The state expectation is that each school reach 800. In addition to a strong academic program, students continue to enjoy rich visual and performing arts programs and a comprehensive P.E. program. Intermediate students will continue to participate in GEN YES, via a grant that brought laptop computers to their classrooms and the opportunity to learn in-depth technology skills that result in student-created multi-media presentations. This school welcomes parent volunteers in their classrooms, the computer lab, or the library.

North Davis Elementary School is the only school to have retained a name based on a compass direction in Davis.

Previous Principals

Sarah Roseen (Current)

Ramon Cusi, Ed. D (2008-2016)

Judy Davis (Boock) (1993-2007)

David Madrigal  (1991-1993)

Mary Ellen Dolcini (ca 1985-1991)

Russ Whitzel (ca. 1957-1967)


Office Playground The Dolphin Mosaic Lunch Tables


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Go dolphins?! —StevenDaubert

2007-06-13 15:40:44   Off Topic....I love the bike trailer window photo. —RocksandDirt

Thanks! My daughter and I have made a game of the Photo Requests page: I ride around, she takes the shots. Wiki gets pictures of varying quality. We were in a rush for this one, otherwise I would have had her stand up. —KevinChin

2009-04-27 15:05:14   Hi there, I am interested in my soon to be first grader attending this school. Where in Davis do I need to live for her to attend? Does the performing arts extend even to the first graders, I mean do they really get them involved too? she would LOVE that. also I am interested in the demographics. At which Davis school would I be most likely to find Black/African American students and faculty? We are an international adoption family and it's important to me that she has positive relationships with other kids and/or faculty who "look like her." thanks for your help! —StephHolm

2009-07-09 21:26:38   My daughter attends North Davis CDC Preschool. We love the program. The director Cameron & her staff strive to make school fun & a positive learning environment. They offer 5 or 3 days and serve breakfast and a snack. My daughter has had no seperation anxiety at this school and we love it. —jwendt

2012-06-29 16:02:18   What happened to the arbors and trellises on the west (library) side of the school? They were graced for many years with flowering vines and lianas. I just stopped by the library and saw they've been totally hacked away. Whatever tree service did this went way overboard, and is obviously ignorant of proper maintenance and care of twining plants. (Maybe they did so to inflate their payment?) Now all that's left are industrial-looking metal frames (reminiscent of giant croquet wickets) painted a kind of camo-green that is scarred where the vines were ripped away. Seems like there could be better ways to spend schools' money than on such incompetent overkill work, especially when the school budget seems to be in such dire straits. The money spent on this hack job could have bought a few computers or quite a few books, am sure. RaoulDuke