Traffic lights and a tad of grass just above the entry-way.

The North Entry Parking Structure is the Memorial Union parking garage. It is located just outside of the MU's Unitrans area. It opened in 1992, and was the first parking structure on campus.

Like all parking on campus, it's way expensive. It's got cool stairs, crazy cube art sculptures, and an architecture similar to the Death Star. The view from the roof is pretty cool, too. It is a good place to view the fireworks on the 4th of July. When the parking structure was first opened, it had white lighting inside which was designed to illuminate the green glass panels on the parking structure so that the structure would glow green at night. The light bulbs were replaced with yellow colored bulbs several years later and the parking structure no longer glows green at night. It now glows yellow.

This is as tall as this parking structure will ever get. The other, later parking structures were designed to allow additional levels to be built on top as the need arises.

Occasionally you can hear tires screech in protest as people do doughnuts on the top floor.

As of 2010 it is home to the Bike Garage.


The structure has a crazy space elevator.


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2008-12-08 13:45:42   Has anyone else noticed a lot of unused "A" spaces in this parking structure? I went there looking for "C" parking at around 10am a couple weeks ago. Naturally there were no "C" spaces, but there must have been at least 40 empty "A" spots. Was this a fluke or is it always like that? —OscarSabino

2011-01-21 11:11:42   Was involved in a sideswipe here today. Turns are way too narrow. While standing around exchanging information I saw nearly every car coming in going over the center markers on the turn. Also, never any C spots while there are always plenty of A spots, which is annoying. —hankim