1332 Notre Dame Drive
off of Sycamore Lane near West Covell Boulevard

The Notre Dame house is located at 1332 Notre Dame street. Home to track runners for many years running, generations of runners have passed through this house as the lease is passed down from one group or runners to another. Known as the classiest house in the track team, it has been home to many significant team members. Steve Laurie, one of the original members of the house, holds the school record for the indoor 5000 meter event, having clocked an impressive 14:11 in the spring of 2004. Justin Rau, a member of the next generation of those living at Notre Dame ran 3:49 in the 1500, equivalent to a 4:06 mile, putting himself in the top 5 in UCD history. Current resident Justin Hurd has run in the top all time in the steeple chase, running an 8:54 for the event.

The Notre Dame house also has a claim to fame through its musical heritage as well. Since near the beginning of the establishment of this house, Danny Chaves, still a current resident, has been a member of the well known Mad Cow String Band, playing guitar, bass, harmonica, banjo, and mandolin in that band.

Joshua Rau, a relatively recent incumbant in the house, is in the rock band AfterShocker, a band sometimes touted as the "best little known band in the Sacramento area."


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