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As part of the BJJ Revolution Team, NG Davis strives to provide the highest quality of authentic Carlson Gracie Style Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and physical conditioning instruction to the community. As a member of our team you will have access to the highest quality instruction of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu under the watchful eye of BJJ Masters Mauro Ayres, Toco Albuquerque and Rodrigo Medeiros. It is important to understand that BJJ is a lifestyle and that our students become a family that focuses on becoming stronger through the sharing of ideas and philosophy of BJJ. Following the Carlson Gracie Legacy, we believe that our Family is responsible for continuing the beliefs that Grandmaster Carlson instilled on our Masters. Our program focuses on both the fundamentals of BJJ, and the competitive components that have been proven under the highest level of competition in both MMA and BJJ. Each student of Nova Geração Davis is responsible for helping the new members improve, as we believe that we are only as strong as the members of our academy.

Pricing options vary and there is a membership for everyone. Enrollent Options Here, Contact novageracaodavis@gmail.com for info about coming in for a visit and to answer all your questions. All Memberships are MONTH TO MONTH. We believe that our program quality speaks for itself and do not lock any members into annual contracts. This academy is building something special for the community of Davis, CA and we believe that the legacy of Carlson Gracie and the traditions of authentic BJJ are to be preserved.


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2009-08-25 22:52:24   I was quite impressed. I moved here for school and I hadnt wrestled since high school and I handnt done Judo since I was a kid. I liked grappling and I was curius about BJJ. I was very impressed with their BJJ class. Elite Instinct came highly recomended by martial artists in the community, VERY resonably priced and their arent those extreme contracts.

Sadly I got hurt at work and require surgery on my knee :'-(. But when it heeals I WILL be attending their BJJ classes. —Dozer

    2009-09-01 10:50:43   Thanks for the comment. We look forward to seeing you when your knee heals. —EliteInstinct

    2009-12-20 10:07:58   If it's true that this place is closing, it's too bad. It was the only place to get legitimate MMA instruction in Yolo County. Unfortunately, a college town like Davis just couldn't support their business model. In order for a place like this to survive (considering how high their fees are), they've got to have an active stable of amateur and professional fighters and the Davis demographic just won't support that. College kids can't afford the outrageous prices, especially when good martial arts classes are available at the ARC for a song. Most people who think they're interested in learning MMA soon discover it's not as easy as it looks, and don't come back. Soccer moms and miniature karate kids won't want the grueling workout a place like this demands. Professional level fighters are training at better-known and similarly-priced gyms in Sacramento, i.e. Urijah Faber's Ultimate Fitness, especially since other gyms offer classes from morning until night, not like Elite Instinct, offering one or two classes per day. Elite Instinct was catering to the wannabe/beginning/amateur MMA fighter in a college town/suburb where there aren't any.

    Unfortunately, I don't think the owner knew what he was getting into. The entire Dave Hagon scandal that was the subject of much debate among the martial arts and MMA community shows that Michael didn't know anything about MMA or BJJ, just that he wanted to open an MMA gym. He smartened up and brought in legitimate Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu instructors, the only BJJ blackbelts in Yolo County, but that still wasn't enough.

    Whenever I visited the gym, I had to do so by appointment, as Michael wouldn't discuss prices over the phone. Whenever I did make it, there seemed to be about 4-5 people in the gym, including myself, Michael and the class instructor. I'm sure those one or two students were nevertheless dedicated, but how good can you get if you only have 2 or 3 sparring partners? The fact that Michael wouldn't let me take a free class, but offered a $40 intro week of lessons reeked of McDojoism. Most MMA gyms I've ever called or visited are more than happy to discuss pricing over the phone or via email, let you watch classes until blue in the face and will always offer a free class. Once you got done with your "consultation" with Michael, he'd bring out the binder with all the lesson plans and options and the prices were outrageous. I paid less for unlimited classes at Urijah's gym in midtown, and he offered classes 12-13 hours a day.

    The instructors at Elite Instinct were legitimate, unfortunately Michael's business practices were not.

    Hopefully Ty, Mauro and Flavio will land on their feet (perhaps at Morrissey's in Woodland or Cia Paulista in Sacramento) —LS95814

    2009-12-21 16:31:39   We are not closing. Our classes are offered through out the day and our memberships cost vary depending on the number of classes you wish to attend. I'm sorry that you could not find a membership that you could afford, however our prices reflect our class sizes, Davis lease pricing, quality of instructors, and the individual instruction that you receive at our academy. We have A $10 trial discount for prospective members on this site. As for our limited schedule, we have unlimited potential based on the demand of the students. If you would like more sparring partners feel free to come in to one of our evening classes. Our BJJ Beginner class has at 8-16 students nightly. Muay Thai has 6-12 students each evening. If you would like another class... all you have to do is ask and we are willing to be flexible. Thank you for your feedback. -Michael —EliteInstinct

    2010-02-23 16:06:20   I'm very surprised to see the comment left by LS95814. I researched MMA gyms on the internet very throughly until I found Elite Instinct. I drive 30 miles (60 miles round-trip), four times a week just to train at E.I. The membership package I purchased includes 2 nights of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, 2 nights of Muay Thai, and open mat on Saturday and Sunday....So, if I wanted to I could train everyday. And no, they are not "catering to the wannabe/beginning/amateur MMA fighters in a college town", as LS95814 said. I'm a single, working class woman and I've had no problem affording the membership fee, keeping up with the workouts, OR traveling the distance to receive quality training. I believe the cost is very fair. We are learning from/with black belts and world champions! Several STUDENTS have earned gold medals, and World or American titles, including the owner, Michael Quigley. You can't get any better than that. And you cannot expect to receive quality training and instruction for the same price you'd pay to work out at the local health club. Receiving individual instruction and attention from professional trainers is a bonus. The evening classes are always full and there are more than enough partners to spar and train with. I'm very happy that I chose Elite Instinct. —Laura707

    2010-03-14 15:02:31   I was able to sit in on the BJJ class a time or two. Looked great. I wrestled in high school and have done some Judo. Their practices looked great. I have checked some other martial art places and I have seen a lot of lazy practices. Where they just stretch, do some kicks and barely anyone is sweating. I come from a tough wrestling program (We have spawned 2 UFC fighters)and if youre not sweating, youre not working. Believe me, I come to work and it seems like E.I shares that goal. Looking forward to starting BJJ and maybe some kickboxing. —Dozer

    2010-07-25 14:24:58   The "Dave Hogan Scandal" was hardly a "scandal". It was brought to the owner's attention that the way Hogan acquired a black belt was sketchy and, before you could blink, they had shipped Hogan out and brought in TWO LEGITIMATE AS HELL BJJ black belts. This "business practice" is evidently a proactive one. Also, the pricing is comparable to nearly all MMA gyms. All you have to do is look at the credentials of the BJJ instructors and it should be clear as to why the rates are what they are. Call any given gym and ask for prices over the phone. Being a former asst. manager of a gym, I can tell you that the practice of not giving rates over the phone is STANDARD to say the least. The only thing I had problems with is the size of the gym....besides that, I have no gripes. The guys\girls were all cool there and fun to train with. —CaseyCaseOne

    2012-01-21 10:58:39   I came to Davis for school but was also looking to continue training in BJJ. I've learned more and improved my game more in the last year at Nova Geracao than I did in three years at my old gym. Great instruction and everyone at the gym is very friendly and helpful. —StephenGumpert

    2012-01-29 22:15:59   I started practicing BJJ about 2 years ago at the ARC. The instructor at the time, Mauro Ayres (black belt under Toco Albuquerque who's a black belt under the late Grandmaster Carlson Gracie), was also the instructor at Elite Instinct. I started to train at Elite Instinct, now Nova Geracao, and I haven't left since. I can't imagine leaving such a focused, authentic and rich program. Everyone that I train with is like family. We all push each other to become better BJJ practitioners and better people outside of the gym. The instructor is knowledgeable and cares about the progress of the students and the BJJ Revolution Team. The gym is clean and has never had an outbreak of ringworm or anything else in the time it's been open. I definitely recommend! World-class training and conditioning with flexible payment options. You can't go wrong!! —RayGrogan

    2012-02-22 14:46:02   nova geracao has been my second home for the past two years. i began training when I attended UCD and continue to travel from sacramento to train here because of the quality of instruction, the family-like atmosphere, and the great workout i get. id recommend this gym to everyone, and especially to people who are new to and curious about bjj. the instructors personal training background combined with the bjj curriculum makes for a structured, rigorous class perfect for those who are serious about training jiu jitsu. great foundation and family to fall back on if you plan to train even upon leaving davis.


      2012-06-08 21:00:01   Brand new competition style mats just went in today —StephenGumpert

      2013-02-21 13:51:08   Nova Geracao is by far the best bjj academy I've been to. Started to come when I was a student at UCD. The instructors, Michael and Mauro are down to earth, very technical, and geniunely cares about the students. Everyone there is really like family and willing to help each other out no matter what. This is the one place I miss after leaving Davis. Come by to check it out, you won't regret it! —Randallleung

      2013-05-14 12:42:35   I'm glad I found NG Davis because if it wasn't for this school my progress in BJJ would've come to a 2 year halt. NG Davis offers seminars with black belts from the Carlson Gracie/BJJ Revolution team(if you haven't heard of these schools, look them up and you'll know they are among the top). Although it isn't a requirement, competing in BJJ tournaments is encouraged and competition training is intense, fun and it's the best way to improve your jiu jitsu. You have the option of training every day except Sunday and there's always a bunch of people to learn from/roll with. —AliAtt

      2013-05-24 14:26:31   I have been training here the 2+ years now, my 5 yr old son has started training and my girlfriend's son who is 14yr old has been training for 2 yrs as well, one of the best quality of instruction, and also the only actual BJJ focused academy in the area. The kids program is great and fun for kids, Michael has incorporated some MMA training for them to make it fun and change it up with them but the main focus is BJJ, (Michael does have training and knowledge in other martial arts as well). The program here is authentic straight from Brazil and the seminars provided are excellent Michael brings in the best Black Belts from the BJJ Revolution team and Nova Geracao and the best part is, that there is no extra cost for the seminars they come with your membership no other academy provides that kind of instruction or service. The atmosphere is great and family like, the instruction is great, as the wall of medals indicate and showing the progress of students that are on the competition team competing in major IBJJF tournaments. If you are looking for a great place to join and train there is plenty of space on the mats for you, your family and friends. —tonyperez

      2014-11-20 20:53:48   I trained at Nova Geracao for two years while I was living in the Davis area. It became a second home to me while I was there and I built lasting friendships. Michael is an excellent instructor and pushes his students to succeed. He is always bringing in other black belts to enhance and add to what we are learning. When I moved away i was sad to leave my Nova Geracao family, but thankful for the relationships and BJJ foundation that I was taking with me. —SarahMannix