Measure P was one of the measures in the November 2007 Election. It passed, increases funding to library services, programs and facilities. Without increased funding, then current service levels could not have be maintained and the expansion and refurbishing of the library would have been deferred.

According to a pamphlet at the library, by approving Measure P you will be protecting the library. This means:

  • The library will be able to continue to operate 7 days a week (60 hours, including 4 nights a week and four hours on Sunday afternoon).
  • Two full time equivalent staff will be added who will focus on after-school library programs and off-site services for children.
  • Books, reference materials and other media will be updated.
  • Children's area will be expanded to provide additional books and materials,more computer workstations (including specialized computers to support literacy training), and added seating.
  • Young Adult area will be improved, to feature computers for teens and create a place that is more conducive for teenagers to study or do homework.
  • Space available for community groups and organizations will be increased by expanding the Blanchard Community Room, fitting it with moveable partitions for simultaneous library programs and public meetings, and modernizing the audio-visual equipment and sound system.
  • Electrical/cabling systems will be upgraded to accommodate high speed internet access and new lighting.
  • More public access computer stations will be added.
  • Overdue repairs and maintenance to the building will be performed, including overhaul of heating, ventilation and air conditioning system, replacement of worn carpet and furniture, and painting of walls.
  • Space for library books will be increased, making it possible to display "new materials" more conveniently.
  • Worn carpet and furniture will be replaced and walls will be painted and recovered.
  • Multi-function self-service kiosks will replace existing self-service check out stations.
  • The book return room and associated sorting and check-in process will be upgraded to expedite handling of over 1 million+ books and other items checked out and returned each year.

Fiscal impact:

  • Measure P increases the current library parcel tax of $42 per parcel authorized in 1989 to $88 per parcel, and includes multiple family dwellings at a $44 per unit rate.
  • Exemptions for the tax include certain agricultural parcels and residences of persons of low income. Information and application forms are available at the library.

For more information call 530-753-4873.

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2007-09-23 16:24:18   are there people campaigning against this measure? —JessicaRockwell

2007-10-04 13:46:52   Someone came into our business today and was upset about the $44 per unit increase, saying this will make rental housing less affordable. If a landlord passes along the tax, it will increase rent by $3.66 per month. I will give my opinion: the maintained & increased services will be of more benefit to more low income people than the potential rent increase. —DougWalter